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  • 100 Lane 788 Snow Lake, Fremont
  • 18320 Devall Rd.
  • 505 Oak Glen Dr
  • 560 Hamlin St, Wabash
  • Amberwood Hills
  • Arrowhead Acres
  • Auburn Rd
  • Auditorium Blvd
  • Bear Creek
  • Beech Rd
  • Bendeles Subdivision
  • Bennington Heights
  • Bluffton Rd
  • Bona Vista
  • Bridgewater
  • Brownstone Manor
  • Bryie Rd
  • Buckners Crossing
  • Cambridge Crossing
  • Canyon Bay
  • Carlisle Crossing
  • Carroll Road, Fort Wayne
  • Chapel Lane
  • Chapman Trails
  • Chapmans Bridge 
  • Chapmans Trail
  • Chesapeake Landing
  • Classic Heights Extended
  • Classic Heights Extended South
  • Clover Trails
  • Cobble Creek
  • Copperwood Estates
  • Cr 100 / Albion
  • Cr 100 Angola
  • Cr 1000
  • Cr 123
  • Cr 28, Corunna
  • Cr 300 E, Huntington
  • Cr 350 W
  • Cr 390 E / Wabash
  • Cr 400 S
  • Cr 450 E, Columbia City
  • Cr 50 E
  • Cr 500 S / Wabash
  • Cr 500 W
  • Cr 600
  • Cr 600 / Topeka
  • Cr 650 E, Urbana
  • Cr 68
  • Cr 7-50 Edon, Oh
  • Cr 72
  • Cr 800 N
  • Cr 800 W
  • Cranberry Reserve
  • Crystal Bay
  • Crystal Cove
  • Deer Chase
  • Drake Rd
  • Dutch Settlement
  • E Lake Rd Geneva
  • Eagle Crest
  • East Diamond Rd
  • East Engle Lake Rd, Ligonier
  • Edenbridge
  • Enchanted Hills
  • Falcons Nest
  • Falcons Nest At Barrington
  • Forest At Foxwood
  • Fountains At Covington
  • Golden Acres
  • Greenwood Lakes
  • Grosse Point 2nd
  • Haines Lexington Landing
  • Hall Rd
  • Hamptons Of Woodland
  • Harbour Villas At Chapmans Bridge
  • Hardings Addition To Poplar Beach
  • Hartzler St
  • Harvey Corner
  • Heritage Estates
  • High Pointe Glen
  • Hill Rd
  • Hwy 24 W
  • Indian Lakes Estates
  • Indian Ridge
  • Kaufmans 3rd Addition
  • Kensler Road 18423
  • Kerns Crossing
  • Lake Manor North
  • Lakes Of Leo Creek
  • Lakes Of Leo Creek Villas
  • Lakeview Ridge
  • Landin Meadows
  • Landing At Dickinson Farms Villas
  • Larimer Greens
  • Lincoln Point
  • Long Meadow
  • Longmeadow
  • Madden Rd, Churubusco
  • Magnolia Meadows
  • Manor Estates
  • Meadows At Cross Creek
  • Meadows Of Cross Creek
  • Meandering Meadows
  • Mercato
  • Morningside
  • N 900 W Huntington 11306
  • Nolan Meadows
  • North Goshen Rd, Huntington
  • North Shore Dr
  • O Day Rd
  • Orpha Drive
  • Otter Lake
  • Park Meadow
  • Park Ridge
  • Pine Crest Acres
  • Pointe At Twin Eagles
  • Pollocks Addition
  • Popp Road
  • Potato Creek Crossing
  • Ridgemont
  • River Hollow
  • River Hollow Estates
  • River Ridge
  • Road 12
  • Road 83, Antwerp
  • Rolling Meadows
  • Rupert Rd
  • Ruvalcaba Ranch
  • S 1185 E
  • S 500 W / Silver Lake
  • S. Lane McClish Lake 201
  • Saddle Creek
  • Saddle Creek Estates
  • Sandy Creek
  • Sassafras Acres
  • Sawgrass Estates
  • Scheckler Rd
  • Schwartz & Lambright
  • Screaming Eagle
  • Sienna Reserve
  • Sienna Reserve Villas
  • South 150 Warsaw
  • Southfiled Lake
  • Springfild Ctr Rd
  • Sr 13
  • State Road 4, North Liberty
  • Stoneridge Estates
  • Swartz & Hole
  • Sycamore Glen
  • Tara Subdivision
  • Tecumseh
  • The Bridges
  • The Gardens
  • The Highlands
  • The Landing At Dickinson Farms
  • The Meadows Of Eley Creek
  • The Springs
  • Timber Ridge
  • Timber Trace
  • Township
  • Tullymore Run
  • Twin Oaks
  • Upp Road Van Wert, Oh
  • US Rt 127 Ney, Ohio
  • Valencia
  • Villas At Saddle Creek Estates
  • Villas At Summit Reserve
  • Villas Of Forest At Foxwood
  • Villas Of Grey Oaks
  • Vordermans
  • W. Perry Rd
  • Wabash & Erie Canal
  • Walnut Crossing
  • Wappes Road, Churubusco
  • Washington Place
  • West Lawn
  • West Wallen Rd
  • Whisper Rock
  • Whispering Meadows
  • Willow Ridge North
  • Winchester Rd
  • Winding River
  • Woodburn Rd
  • Woodcrest Addition
  • Woodfield Villas
  • Woodland Hills

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Purchase Experience Testimonials from Real Homebuyers

New Haven, IN, on Jul 28, 2021

The process was amazing! Our only issue was with some little details…hoping to have those resolved with our final inspection. Our designer was excellent.

Verified Homeowner
Garrett, IN, on Jul 28, 2021

I liked the amount of communication that I was given

Verified Homeowner
Fort Wayne, IN, on Jul 27, 2021

Customer care experience has been somewhat strained. We’re having an electrical issue in our master bedroom with a ceiling fan. It took over a month for the electrical company to get back with us about coming and taking a look at it. When they did come and look at it of course the issue that we were having did not expose itself. Two days later the ceiling fan light continues to turn on and off on and off all on its own. So, it still needs fixed.

Verified Homeowner
Angola, IN, on Jul 27, 2021

Communication was extremely lack luster. My sales rep pretended I didn’t exist as soon as I signed on the dotted line. I tried to be flexible on certain things but was just met with pushback or being blown off.

Verified Homeowner
Fort Wayne, IN, on Jul 27, 2021

Before deciding to move forward with building our home, I had a discussion about the heating/cooling system. I expressed that I wanted a [name removed] Heat Pump and have the capability to interface with it through the Internet/WiFi. I was told that "their" [name removed] system could do the same thing. As it turns out the two system are NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! I was told that natural gas was less expensive, so who is paying the bills?? I should have pushed back to get what I wanted!!!!

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, OH, on Jul 26, 2021

It was all satisfactory.

Verified Homeowner
Huntertown, IN, on Jul 25, 2021

I thought the house was going to green with red shake above the garage, but it was also put across the front of the house.

Verified Homeowner
Grabill, IN, on Jul 24, 2021

We like that when we report that we have an issue it gets taken care of

Verified Homeowner
Garrett, IN, on Jul 21, 2021

The process was very individualized to make sure I knew all my options and was getting my dream home. [name removed] helped me make adjustments to my floorplan to make the house everything I wanted. [name removed] was patient with me as we made decorating decisions. She was professional and knowledgeable about all of the selections. [name removed] made sure I was informed throughout the entire build. She gave me frequent updates and I loved all the pictures she put on Buildertrend.

Verified Homeowner
Tippecanoe, IN, on Jul 20, 2021

I'm not sure if it was granite ridge or pathfinder who was responsible, or covid, but when I signed onto this contract, I was given an estimate that the construction would be completed in November of 2020 however they didn't break ground until October and the house wasn't completed until around may 2021. In the end of it all, I feel things could have been better communicated. The original process of coming up with the designs of the home, and then seeing the home be built and seeing everything coming together was fun and exciting and went smoothly. After moving in, I have noticed some minor flaws. One being that in some spots where the carpet meets the laminate flooring, there are carpet tacks that poke my feet when I step on them. Also, the well around the basement window was left unfilled and I've read and seen that these are usually filled with stone with a drain at the bottom, but mine was left unfilled and the drain hose was not properly finished. I was also unaware that my contract lacked any landscaping allowance though I'm not sure if this was poor communication or bad listening on my part. I assumed that there would be basic landscaping, mainly for the gutter areas around the home but they just filled in the area around the home and planted grass. Right after moving in, there was torrential rainfall and I was not prepared for it. I also didn't realize that the lot wouldn't be cleared of any trees that could pose a threat to the home during future storms. In the back, trees loom over the home like an accident waiting to happen which is scary. Overall, it is a beautiful home and the process was easy and went smoothly and I'm happy to have chosen granite ridge.

Verified Homeowner

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