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Harlan, on Jan 18, 2020

Daily updates from Site Building Supervisor through Buildertrend.

Verified Homeowner
Fort Wayne, on Jan 15, 2020

[name removed] is a good go to person for questions.

Verified Homeowner
Goshen, on Jan 13, 2020

[name removed] impressed. We are told that our dishwasher and range that both had dings in them, The range actually had creases in the door, would not be replaced. Noticed small dings in the garage door panels from a hail storm during construction. Two of the panels we noticed at walk through and were replaced. The dishwasher, range and , garage door panels we did not noticed until after we moved in did not get replaced. We were told we did not catch it at the walk through so they will not be replaced. We spent about $240,000 on the house not counting the lot and Granite ridge won't take care of this because we did not notice it at walk through. No one is going to catch everything at a walk through that only last about thirty minutes. We believe this is very poor customer service. My wife and I were told we should get a home inspection before we close even though its a new home. We chose not to thinking we not ever have an issue in the event we would come across things that were not right. Guess we made a mistake there. I asked [name removed] if our roof was ok after the hail storm and we were told yes it is in good shape. It did not need to be replaced. I hope he is right considering a lot of homes in our area got new roofs. Granite Ridge has insurance for things like this. I think they should have had an insurance adjustor our to verify if we did or didn't need a new roof. Sorry for lengthy comment, but we feel you need to be aware of this. We are in the process with the cabinet company to get a cabinet repaired as they put in two wall cabinets with different finishes. Its been about a month since I have talked to them. At that time I told them no huge hurry, but I thought they would call to get the problem fixed by now. I will contact them this week.

Verified Homeowner
Columbia City, on Jan 13, 2020

Meeting with [name removed] and [name removed] to lay out out floor plan. Watching the process of the home being built.

Verified Homeowner
Warsaw, on Jan 05, 2020

I like being able to list warranty work on Builder Trend.

Verified Homeowner
Grabill, on Jan 03, 2020

Being able to see pictures and get updates

Verified Homeowner
Elkhart, on Jan 01, 2020

Since moving in, we have received prompt responses from GRB personnel with any issues.

Verified Homeowner
Fort Wayne, on Dec 31, 2019

Agreed to look into situation s as they a raise

Verified Homeowner
Bristol, on Dec 25, 2019


Verified Homeowner
Columbia City, on Dec 23, 2019

The communication with everyone in the GRB team was great. From [name removed] and [name removed] with the design team and [name removed] building the house, it was always easy to get in contact with someone!

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