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  • Americana
  • Arbor Crossing
  • Babb Residence
  • Belle Savanne
  • Carter Plantation
  • Conway
  • Copper Mill
  • Cypress Landing At The Island
  • Germany Oaks
  • Materra
  • Myrtle Grove
  • Rouzan
  • Sugar Mill
  • Sugar Mill Plantation
  • The Preserve At River Chase
  • Twin Lakes Estates

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Purchase Experience Testimonials from Real Homebuyers

Covington, LA, on Jan 19, 2022

All around good experience.

Verified Homeowner
Covington, LA, on Jan 19, 2022

Level Homes was very flexible at the end on the closing date. They were booked on the date we needed to close and they allowed us to move our belongings into the home and we signed a temp occupancy document. They were fantastic during the warranty period!

Verified Homeowner
Geismar, LA, on Jan 16, 2022

Trouble with response on requests of warranty or some assist with help on a repair.

Verified Homeowner
Geismar, LA, on Jan 15, 2022

No one has completed anything they said they would! My husband and I purchased this house at the end of July and nothing has been done! Very disappointing and upset about the whole situation!

Verified Homeowner
Zachary, LA, on Jan 14, 2022

[name removed] lender while helpful did not offer me the best loan for my situation. I decided to choose my own lender. [name removed] home was not cleaned well. After we made multiple phone calls to our agent and Level Homes they sent someone out on the day we move in. [name removed] cleaning was a rush job and we still had cobwebs in the house and dirt on the floor after moving in. Also some of the items we noted at the walk-through we not completed.

Verified Homeowner
Geismar, LA, on Jan 07, 2022

I like the quality of the home as well as the upgrade options that were available to me.

Verified Homeowner
Zachary, LA, on Jan 06, 2022

Post build/move in customer service is up to par. I would hope so because of all the issues that come with a new home built by Level Homes. I am disappointed, daily. It seems my home has constant issues, daily, and it’s to the point where I’m just tired of asking to fix stuff.

Verified Homeowner
Springfield, LA, on Dec 28, 2021

Major issues have been addressed in a timely fashion.

Verified Homeowner
Gonzales, LA, on Dec 25, 2021

The design process was delightful

Verified Homeowner
Plaquemine, LA, on Dec 23, 2021

Level homes has not completed items found during my first 6 months review.

Verified Homeowner
Addis, LA, on Dec 22, 2021

They have been pretty good with servicing our calls.

Verified Homeowner
Geismar, LA, on Dec 17, 2021

Open lines of communication throughout the building process

Verified Homeowner
Covington, LA, on Dec 12, 2021

Have several repeat warranty items that have not been resolved, will submit as I near 1 year point

Verified Homeowner
Addis, LA, on Dec 12, 2021

My grass never grew, I made note of it and was told someone would come out but they never did. When i moved in I put in a verbal request with the level agent at the time he told me he would note it and take care of it but it’s still patchy. I have the patchiest yard in the neighborhood. Also he informed me I would get another garage key (I only received one the day I moved in and never received another. There’s also a bubble in my ceiling someone came out to look at it and never came back to fix it. Same with paint issues, I reported certain things at my walk through when I moved in and at my 30 day walk through that still haven’t be fixed.

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on Dec 11, 2021

The process was easy and transparent.

Verified Homeowner
Springfield, LA, on Dec 10, 2021

[name removed] was the best. Constantly updating us with photos every Friday like clockwork. Everyone has been a big help and met our needs

Verified Homeowner
Geismar, LA, on Dec 09, 2021

i like that: -when we enter tickets, service is schedule and completed in a very timely manner. -nice upgrades -the homes feels larger than we actually have. --great flow plan, but i wish some minor modifications could have been available THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND NEIGHBORS ARE AMAZING KID FRIENDLY, despite wanting more land; that alone overrules that. i do not like - that we do not have a sound barrier between the floors -not enough sound proofing between the rooms - some issues were kind of brushed off and considered "normal or part of the process"

Verified Homeowner
Gonzales, LA, on Dec 08, 2021

Everything about building with Level was incredibly smooth.

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on Dec 08, 2021

Very thorough

Verified Homeowner
Gonzales, LA, on Dec 06, 2021

I liked the open layout and there wasn’t any wasted space. I didn’t like the size of the back patio

Verified Homeowner

Builder Profile

Level Homes was founded in 2000 with a mission to provide high-quality new homes and master-planned communities throughout Southeast Louisiana. During the 2008 recession, while many homebuilders and construction companies were closing their doors, Level Homes forged key partnerships that would enable the acquisition and development of several master-planned residential communities.

Level Homes has achieved significant, measurable growth leading the firm to be recognized as both the fastest-growing homebuilder and one of the largest homebuilders in the nation. Today, Level Homes is building in four flagship master-planned communities and more than 20 other residential developments — having built homes for thousands of families in the last two decades.

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