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West Valley, UT, on May 10, 2021

[name removed] miscommunication in the design center. A lot of conflicting information.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Apr 15, 2021

This has nothing to do with Diana I want to make that clear. She was amazing. How ever the experience from contract to move in was extremely frustrating. There was a lot of mistakes and I was constantly baby sitting. If you want further details please email me at XXXXX

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Mar 26, 2021

Best Company ever! Best People

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Mar 17, 2021

I like that every time we need or have questions [name removed] Homes has been there for us.

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Mar 17, 2021

They are not good at following through and we are still waiting on most warranty claims we submitted up to a month ago

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Feb 13, 2021

[name removed] Homes built us a beautiful home but the overall customer service and warranty aftercare is extremely disappointing. The whole process from beginning to end was very unorganized and a bit chaotic. Unanswered emails, being passed from person to person, no responses to warranty claims and continued lack of communication. I would not personally recommend using [name removed] Homes as a builder.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Feb 10, 2021

There is no response to warranty requests until you hear from a contractor asking to schedule an appointment. It would be nice if we heard from them and know it’s been viewed or seen.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Feb 06, 2021

I have needed small things done like a door hinge that came off, but nothing major. They were quick to reply and I impressed with all of the supervisors I have worked with.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Feb 02, 2021

The speed of construction by [name removed] homes was really good. The warranty service of [name removed] homes is great as well. One think that I disliked was the size of garage. It looks like all the house plan have small size of garage. I would advice to modify the house plans to have a bigger garage size so that future buyers don’t face this issue. I feel 8 feet garage door should not be a upgrade that should be a default.

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Jan 26, 2021

I like the fact that [name removed] finally decided to build different type of designs in the same community whit a whole color range as a basic model homes. I like most of my house and [name removed] has been a great help taking care of the details that were missing, I fell you do didn't have the same care during the construction time and I firmly think you rushed to build my house, leaving somethings in the air until we moved in. I'm still hammering nails on my carpet floor (who ever did it, did terrible job leaving many nails sticking up on the carpet) [name removed] quality of basic material has increasingly diminished such as carpet, toilets and bathtubs.

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Jan 22, 2021

[name removed] at [name removed] Homes is amazing. If there is a question or issue with my house he is available to help. It is easy to use the website to request a warranty service issue.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Jan 15, 2021

I appreciated all of the choices available through the design center and the options to customize finishes. I was disappointed with communication between Liberty, the Design Center, and us. I also wish that we were not limited on our choices based on what the neighbors had chosen (exterior paint colors) and that we found out about this after we had signed everything. There were still quite a few things that needed to be done after we moved in, and a lot of the planning for those fell on to us in regards to in what order these people needed to come. The quality of the exterior painters was honestly horrible (this was addressed by Josh). I appreciate that Josh always had out best interests in mind!

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Jan 09, 2021

Response has been terrible and far from what was promised. I was told after the transition of supers that the best way to get warranty requests fulfilled was to submit it on the website. After doing so, responses would never come after weeks. They would be fulfilled after texting the super. But I know not everyone gets that contact info. Requests submitted would also drop off the face of the earth and I was asked to recreate unfulfilled requests. I would suggest a system that has an active status and ID so that customers can track. Should look into something like JIRA & Service Desk that allows your customers to comment and communicate directly in the system.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Dec 30, 2020

The one time I put in a warranty request was about the ground water in the back yard and nothing happened.

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Nov 20, 2020

I liked the work they did, the service they gave us, the communication they have with us. All very well explained in detail. I love my house. I am so happy.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Oct 30, 2020


Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Oct 22, 2020

We were in the hands of Haley. She was great in the beginning but became unresponsive right before the building was taking place. We were in the dark about the process for about a month and didn't know who to contact. Other than that our purchase experience was fine.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Oct 13, 2020

I loved the photo update process as the construction was going on, I loved the follow up from our realtor, and I loved working with the construction supervisor.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Oct 10, 2020

The communication during building from the agent on updates about our house was appreciated. Often times it seemed like the agent didn’t know what the Super knew and some info about our house fell through the cracks until last minute.

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Oct 01, 2020

Communication regarding closing and timelines were slow.

Verified Homeowner

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A locally-owned Utah business, Liberty Homes was founded under one core principle: Build enduring quality and value into each Liberty home. Living this principle has helped us grow into one of Utah’s most trusted, reliable home builders.

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