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Bluffdale, UT, on Aug 21, 2020

Dislikes: Lack of communication, corner cutting, Absurd complaints from you guys when we asked for things to be fixed or done correctly, unwarranted rudeness from almost everyone involved, worst customer service I have ever seen, ridiculous design center prices, blaming us when things go wrong on your end, we felt like we had to babysit the subs because they constantly do things wrong, the fact that you guys are ok with mediocre craftsmanship and are willing to pass it off as acceptable. Also many more things like how we were treated the entire process but these are just off the top of my head.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Aug 04, 2020

Our home is very pretty but there were many things that were done halfway.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Jun 23, 2020

The home designs and great staff

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Jun 05, 2020


Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Jun 04, 2020

Timely updates Quality Timely closing Response time

Verified Homeowner
Millcreek, UT, on Jun 01, 2020

Great. Whenever I've had an issue you have been on top of getting it resolved

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on May 27, 2020

Closing process was easy and on-schedule.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on May 26, 2020

We liked the flexibility of being able to do our own low voltage, adding a safe door into the basement and the different options that they offered. We had a great experience with our superintendent, Jordan. He was very honest and willing to make us happy.

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on May 23, 2020

[name removed] contacted me nearly immediately after submitting my warranty requests and had someone come out in a timely manner.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on May 20, 2020

The quality of the materials in my home and the layout

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on May 01, 2020

Liberty homes were pretty fast in construction time. They did everything as per code. They gave us frequent updates as well.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Apr 23, 2020

Flexibility on build options

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Apr 14, 2020

For the most part the warranty has been great. The one problem that I had in the beginning is the time it took to get things fixed.

Verified Homeowner
Millcreek, UT, on Mar 30, 2020

I had to reach out to them a few times about things that were not working and they were taken care off in a good time

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Mar 22, 2020

Seeing the build process. Would have been great to be able to have the option to do more sweat equity.

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Mar 04, 2020

What warranty service? [name removed] fixed a few things, but not everything.

Verified Homeowner
Wvc, UT, on Feb 28, 2020

The homes design and the Location

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Jan 17, 2020

The excitement of building with liberty

Verified Homeowner
Bluffdale, UT, on Jan 04, 2020

All the small issues in the house was solved .

Verified Homeowner
West Valley, UT, on Dec 29, 2019

Diana was amazing to work with! She did her best to accommodate my multiple questions quickly. She gave me the opportunity to look at other model homes for additional options. She was pleasant, honest and professional. While there were some points of frustration at times during the build (mostly city regulation stuff) they worked with me and went above and beyond my expectations.

Verified Homeowner

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A locally-owned Utah business, Liberty Homes was founded under one core principle: Build enduring quality and value into each Liberty home. Living this principle has helped us grow into one of Utah’s most trusted, reliable home builders.

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