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    • South Fork
    • South Pointe
    • The Enclave At Park Meadows
    • The Lakes At University Parks
    • The Landing
    • Three Creeks
    • Willow Grove
    • Yowell Ranch
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    • Barron Crossing
    • Briar Grove
    • Bridgewood
    • Cedar Rock
    • Connors Cove
    • Creek Meadows
    • Edgewater
    • Grand Lake Estates
    • Greenbrier
    • Heritage Meadows
    • Ladera Creek
    • Lake Creek Village
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    • Pecan Lake Estates
    • Porters Meadow
    • Ralston Creek
    • Siena
    • Sierra Ridge
    • Southern Pointe
    • Sterling Ridge
    • Summerchase
    • The Hills Of Town Creek
    • Vintage Farms

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Belton, TX, on Jul 02, 2020

[name removed] so much warranty cause [name removed] has been great. Its the quality of work that sucked and the vendors who have not cared nor been held accountable. You have a customer relations department only to really restrict them from doing anything.

Verified Homeowner
Lorena, TX, on Jul 02, 2020

Everything has been good and they are always on top of things and come out quickly if needed.

Verified Homeowner
Navasota, TX, on Jul 02, 2020

[name removed] delayed signing the contract for unknown reasons.

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jul 02, 2020

I liked How they worked with you and they finally agreed in paper on my 60 day closing and I disliked how the house was rushed at the end and they still had to complete stuff when I was moved in

Verified Homeowner
Montgomery, TX, on Jul 01, 2020

Builder made commitments and continuously failed to deliver on the commitments. Many times when we brought up issues, we were treated as if we were getting what we paid for. We initially looked at an elevation that included certain brick detail on the front of our house. This was not implemented nor communicated during construction. We addressed with building Supt and Mgmt who expressed that there were changed made to the particular elevation we had chosen. Again, we did not choose this elevation upon signing contract , the website photos of our elevation included this detail, yet when it came to to build and close all we were told was that your company "no longer used this detail on that type of elevation." Our fenceposts were not properly installed by contractor. Anchor posts were not set with concrete, which compromised the integrity of the entire fence. Entrance gate to our fence broke twice as a result. Contractor repaired the gate per warranty. First time out, they replaced the posts that weren't set, but still did not set them. Third time out, the contractor finally set the posts correctly. We were told by a sales representative that a refrigerator and sod for the backyard would be included when we signed our contract. When it came time to close, other representatives of your company rebutted that this wasn't the case, that the sod was too expensive for them to include. When sod was installed for our front yard, the lawn crew laid several patches of dead grass. Dead grass was replaced. But instead of pulling up the dead grass (per industry standards) and laying new grass, the lawn crew laid the new grass on top of the already dead grass, which has caused several uneven spots in our yard that we have had to correct via the sweat of our own brows. While the backyard was advertised as "ready to lay sod" (even though your company promised to provide sod and installation as part of our contract) the backyard was hardly ready for installation. Several large briar plants (over six feet tall) were growing in the back, the ground was not level and we continue to find pieces of concrete, plastic, wood, plumbing equipment, screws and other debris in our soil. As a previous homeowner, this has been the worse condition a yard from any home we have bought as been in upon move-in.

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Jul 01, 2020

Very slow to respond, and always have to ride them for service.

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Jul 01, 2020

Awesome all questions are answered

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Jul 01, 2020

The quality of materials is not so good. The carpet on our stairs is already wearing through. I have touch up painted baseboards multiple times, and it constantly needs to be redone due to the poor quality of the paint. Issues like this seem to pop up.

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Jul 01, 2020

The online interface for submitting a problem.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Jun 30, 2020

Everyone we dealt with was very nice & caring.

Verified Homeowner
Belton, TX, on Jun 30, 2020

I loved the weekly updates and the constant communication that the stylecraft representatives kept with me.

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Jun 29, 2020

Everything was up front and to the point

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Jun 29, 2020

That it had to be delayed due to covid 19

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jun 29, 2020

The punch list was not complete at signing. No one has contacted us since. To do it over I would not have closed until it was completed

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Jun 29, 2020

Took too long from contract to move in (7 months). Flooring had adhesive marks and we still are struggling to remove them. We were told those would be removed prior to move in. Some were, but still have some. Back door around glass has the paint bubbling up and peeling.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Jun 29, 2020

Like friendly and cooperative people

Verified Homeowner
Copperas Cove, TX, on Jun 28, 2020

[name removed] dislike started with [name removed] not being truthful with us about the size of lot and that we would not have a slope in the back yard, and also when we talked to construction superintendent and calls to him about back yard, nothing was ever done or worked on, I met with him at back yard , and he told me he would work and level it, but he would never call me to tell me he had worked on it, I would go look and see the yard and nothing was done and he would not call me, I called and asked [name removed] (sales person) if she and [name removed] would meet at house back yard, when we met and discussed back [name removed] said he would work on yard,I went back a week later and nothing was done, I chose not to have lawn sod in back yard because I had other plans for yard and sod would be waste, he told me that he would ask his boss to look at yard, and [name removed] said his boss looked at it and there was nothing he could do, I called [name removed] at Stylecraft to tell her about my situation and how unhappy I was, when we had our walk-through I told [name removed] how unhappy I was and his response was, you should see some of the other yards how much worst they look than yours, he said I can take and show you, that is not what I wanted to hear, I asked [name removed] who was [name removed]'s boss name and [name removed] said he could not give his phone number but that he would have him call me, he never called me,no one ever called me, I started asking for help the first week in March,

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jun 27, 2020

I liked the quick response and the people, I didn’t like how long it took.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Jun 27, 2020

[name removed] at [name removed] [name removed] provided exceptional service throughout the process, making our experience pleasant from California.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Jun 27, 2020


Verified Homeowner

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