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    • Brentwood
    • Bunny Trails
    • Heartwood Park
    • Lake Pointe
    • North Gate
    • Oak Branch
    • Settlers Pass
    • South Fork
    • South Pointe
    • The Bend
    • The Enclave At Park Meadows
    • The Lakes At University Parks
    • The Landing
    • Three Creeks
    • Willow Grove
    • Yowell Ranch
  • Southern Texas


    622 Homeowner Reviews

    • Arbor Place
    • Barron Crossing
    • Briar Grove
    • Bridgewood
    • Cedar Rock
    • Connors Cove
    • Creek Meadows
    • Edgewater
    • Grand Lake Estates
    • Greenbrier
    • Heritage Meadows
    • Ladera Creek
    • Lake Creek Village
    • Oakmont
    • Pecan Lake Estates
    • Porters Meadow
    • Ralston Creek
    • Siena
    • Sierra Ridge
    • Southern Pointe
    • Sterling Ridge
    • Summerchase
    • Summerwood Trails
    • The Hills Of Town Creek
    • Vintage Farms

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Huntsville, TX, on Sep 21, 2020

Everything is good but don't like my drive way because it does not drain water n flooded my garage ,i called n they came ,they said that they fixed it ,but still it can drain water, i want some thing done for my drive way ,thanks

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Sep 20, 2020

Warranty service has been excellent.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Sep 18, 2020

Sales rep was very abrupt in wanting to sign. Omitted numerous item due to speed. Missed alot of item from original discussion to print out. Then missed items at contract that was originally discussed. Showed frustration when we called her on it. Later when items were brought up, sales supervisor accused us of making changes to original contract. August 18 closing day - survey Sept. 17. Still have items outstanding from walk that have not been corrected. Brick repairs. Bricks replacements can not be located.

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Sep 18, 2020

The fact my stuff still isn’t fixed. Contractors work is atrocious.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Sep 18, 2020

[name removed] immediate answer is always “We can’t guarantee...” Every issue is met with negativity and excuses.

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Sep 16, 2020

[name removed] was great to work with! Superintendent and warranty team have been great!

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Sep 15, 2020

This is my second new home from Stylecraft. I appreciate their attention to my needs and the design, and am very thankful for the first year assurance warranty in case anything needs follow up.

Verified Homeowner
Navasota, TX, on Sep 15, 2020

They are quick to respond if you have any issues, and quick to get an appointment for the service.

Verified Homeowner
Lorena, TX, on Sep 15, 2020

It's been good.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Sep 15, 2020

During our design process, things were not mention as upgrade items.. example, cabinets in the washroom, we thought were included. We not informed that it was an upgrade item.

Verified Homeowner
Belton, TX, on Sep 14, 2020

For the most part yes

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 14, 2020

[name removed] entire process was good. Gave us several opportunities to review issues and we love the warranty portal and [name removed]

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 14, 2020

The ground was horribly graded causing almost a river thru the middle of my backyard. The prewire for the garage door openers is a mess, no labels so I'm forced to sort thru 6 pairs of wires to figure what is what. My fence has 4x4 posts while all the others have poles. As a result of the poor grading the fence is up and down. No choice in plants put in we have to just deal with what's there. The garage was dirty on move in and not cleaned as the house cleaners did not do that. The gap between the back patio and master is wasted space and no option to fill in during foundation poor. All options should be showed before a decision is made, like the shower conversion. If we would have seen it, we would have selected it. THE MOST UPSWTTING IS HOW THE HOUSE DID NOT APPRAISE AS WE WERE ASSURED IT WOULD THE ENTIRE TIME, AND IT JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE ALMOST THE EXACT AMOUNT AS OUR OPTION MONEY!!

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Sep 13, 2020

All of the personnel involved were very helpful and straight forward about the process.

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Sep 13, 2020

Agreements in advance and the builder followed all building specs—the building supervisor (contractor) willing to explain things

Verified Homeowner
Belton, TX, on Sep 13, 2020

I liked how involved we were with the process. [name removed] did a great job and giving us weekly updates and answering our questions. If he didn’t know the answer, he was able to find out and get back to us! Even with our grass [name removed] was able to get us answers of who we needed to talk to. Overall, great experience!

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Sep 11, 2020

I really appreciated all of the follow up emails from both my sales team and my loan company. Both kept me up to date and in the loop. Every single person that made up my stylecraft team was so helpful. [name removed] and [name removed] became family! My parents were in Chicago during the process and [name removed] always included them in facetime calls and [name removed] was always so helpful for the million questions my dad had.

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 09, 2020

It was pretty easy to work with

Verified Homeowner
Belton, TX, on Sep 08, 2020

Didn't have any issues until move in. Water pressure issues and I currently have holes in my wall and ceiling in the laundry room.

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 05, 2020

Liked the craftsmanship

Verified Homeowner

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