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    • The Hills Of Town Creek
    • Timber Trails
    • Vintage Farms

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Conroe, TX, on Sep 20, 2021

[name removed] last few months of the experience took all the joy of home building and home ownership away from me. Our home was treated like someone’s lunch and locker room. All of our brand new appliances were used by construction crews. There was food left in our microwave. Men urinated and Deffocated in our brand new toilets, and were so bold as to do it during our home inspection. Our lawn and grass, even before move in looked unacceptable, and to this day looks far worse than the house next door that was laid the same day. Our close date was moved multiple times. And there was constant change in Superintendents with absolutely no communication to us

Verified Homeowner
Willis, TX, on Sep 19, 2021

Honestly, everything went very smooth and everyone was very professional. I’d recommend stylecraft homes to friends and family

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Sep 17, 2021

Warranty work was done in a timely manner

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 17, 2021

A lot of unfinished details; little things

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Sep 14, 2021

I liked pretty much everything. Only ting I disliked was the flooring installation. Some parts of the house feels loose when walking over the floor.

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Sep 14, 2021

My biggest dislike is the lack of respect they and their contractors show the owners during the construction of houses. We understand the noise of construction in a developing neighborhood but some of the contractors blast their music with no regard to the occupied houses around them. We brought this up with [name removed], [name removed] and [name removed]. The discussion went from we want to ensure our people are not causing you problems to gosh, it's hard to talk to our contractors about this to well, just call the cops because we don't think it's a problem. I've called the cops multiple times and every time they found the music too loud and instructed the contractors to turn it down. It has been easily heard within our house. There have also been times when contractors started at 5 AM disrupting the sleep of occupied houses. All of this shows a complete lack of respect for the homeowners.

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 14, 2021

I've only needed warranty service once, but the process was very simple. Vendor came out and took care of the issue promptly.

Verified Homeowner
Caldwell, TX, on Sep 13, 2021

I am a realtor which makes me very critical of builders, I was very impressed with the build quality and especially the sales office. They very nice, honest people very good experience buying from Stylecraft I would highly recommend them.

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Sep 12, 2021


Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 12, 2021

Wwit time for repairs

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 12, 2021

Everyone involved was friendly, respectful, and assuring through out. XXXXX s that the property didn't appraise but it happens I feel stylecraft handled it almost the best way they could. Almost only because y'all didn't come down to the appraisal price :-)

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 11, 2021

[name removed] was great from the initial meeting though the entire process, she gave weekly updates and was fast with responses. [name removed] is so awesome- really friendly, helpful, and has been still engaged even after move in. Thank you to both of them!!!

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Sep 10, 2021

It’s takes a while for a repair of a ongoing sewage problem that I still currently have.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Sep 09, 2021

I have enjoyed being in my new home over the past year! [name removed] has met all of my expectations on this new adventure. Anytime I have needed something done with my home everyone has been so helpful and welcoming to help.

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Sep 08, 2021

Quality of Driveway and porches are not great. There are holes and rust spots on the porches and the drive way. Inside paint job inconsistent. Cleaning/make ready could use improvement.

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Sep 08, 2021

There were several things that needed to be fixed that didn’t end up getting done. The cabinet in the laundry room has a big hole in the back, the garage door still leaks, half of the screen on the thermostat is black, the back door doesn’t stay closed unless it is locked, and the grass was dead and I had to pay to water it to try and get it back (and water isn’t cheap in a MUD). The house wasn’t cleaned when I moved in. There were paint splashes all over the floors, counter tops, black splash, and tubs. There was pee on the toilet seat. I also never received anything to warranty my hvac. I know that I didn’t do a custom build, but these are things that should’ve been taken care of for any home owner. [name removed] was great when I was able to communicate with her directly. The best part of my purchase experience was [name removed]. Even after I moved in and had problems with my internet, she was always there to help.

Verified Homeowner
Navasota, TX, on Sep 07, 2021

First, when I discovered the brick we selected was not the brick they put on my house, I was not given the option for them to take the brick off and select new brick. Whoever dropped the selections off at the place we selected the brick had mislabeled the brick. The brick put on our house was the correct name from ACME, but not what we selected. I was very much made to feel like the only option was for ACME to color correct the brick. I did agree to it, but I absolutely hate the brick on our house and they grey and white siding and trim does not match the brick at all. I feel like Stylecraft and the foreman on the job should have said they were going to take the brick off and have us select another brick since it was a company mess up. Second, the contractor [name removed] hired to do the dirt work on our house was obviously so bad that every house built after ours had a different dirt guy. We went round and round with [name removed] because our yard is so unlevel with 5 different places that hold water for multiple days. We turned this in to warranty and Stylecraft very much made it out like it was our fault the water was standing. Anyone with one good eye can see the dips in our front and back yard and can see why water would be standing in those areas. [name removed] did have Bluebonnet come out and add dirt, but it was never enough and we were told they would not come back out. It is crappy that we have to pay to fix our yard when [name removed] did a shitty job in the first place.

Verified Homeowner
Woodway, TX, on Sep 07, 2021

Dealing with drainage issues with the property

Verified Homeowner
Tomball, TX, on Sep 06, 2021

Everything was great contract to move in. [name removed]’s communication skills are perfect. She’s extremely thorough, attentive to detail, and knowledgeable

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Sep 05, 2021

[name removed] the head contractor [name removed] is absolutely horrible, he is rude, selfish and has no sense of customer service. [name removed] is a feminist and treats women like they are no ones. I mean the list can go on for days. Been living her for a year, had multiple issues with my home some not even fixed. [name removed] some [name removed] told me is not fixable.

Verified Homeowner

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