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    • Summerchase
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    • The Hills Of Town Creek
    • Timber Trails
    • Vintage Farms

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Temple, TX, on Jun 16, 2021

Craftsmanship is poor. Base of the door frame trim was cut jagged and your fix with caulk. Which does not look nice. I was told it wouldn't be redone and it is just apart of the build process. Paint job on the trim is sloppy, there are dried paint drips and some places have a yellowing to them. There are also small smudges of paint on a few floor boards. The seams where floorboards meet are not well blended. Underneath stove is full of debris from the build that was never cleaned up. Floor boards in front of oven were scratched prior to my move in. When trying to get them fixed, a style craft employee scratched the floor boards in front of the sink, dishwasher and side cabinets trying to move the stove then scratched more boards in front of island when moving my fridge. He also scratched my fridge door. Light switch in master closet was placed in the wrong spot. In order to move it, they had to cut a spot out in linen closet and cover it up with a plate. The paint job on the front door/sides of door is sloppy. The floor are not good quality and were not worth the upgrade price.

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jun 16, 2021

When looking at the floorplan in person, I think the agent should have pointed out exactly what was going to be different. He mentioned not everything was like the model home, but it would have been helpful to know exactly what was "extra." He pointed out a few of those things, like more expensive countertops, but not other things like extra pan lights or arched hallways and so on. I did appreciate the relative responsiveness of both the agent and then the construction manager ([name removed]) whenever I had questions. I DO wish they had kept a closer eye on things while building (too many builds going on, but not an excuse). For instance, in checking on the house periodically, I noticed the fridge space was too small and only after pestering a bit did they acknowledge it, then have to completely reframe the pantry (after taking down cabinets) in order to fix it. I'm glad they fixed it, but had they paid more attention while building (or had better contractors/vendors) then it wouldn't have been an issue. Other things like this also occurred that I would occasionally point out and would have to be fixed. Like not fully sealing the hole around the sink drain into the concrete floor, or finding water bottles full of piss in my backyard. It made the whole thing feel trashy that the folks working on my house didn't give a rat's ass and were so lackadaisical about their work. Same for the A/C folks. They installed the drip pans incorrectly leading to several trips out to try and fix (before they even realized the issue--they had to have a "higher up" come to figure it out. [name removed] tradesmen seemed shoddy and like they just don't give a shit. When I'm spending a large amount of money on a brand new, first time home, I'd really prefer at least a little better attitude/service in building it. I don't expect perfection--there are still plenty things slightly off, but goodness--take some ownership or find better subcontractors who actually give a shit. [name removed] people from Stylecraft (sales, construction oversight, warranty walk through, etc. etc.) were all friendly and it was clear they were trying their best. It's not them that's the problem, it's the subcontractors that are cheap as hell and just don't care. It totally undermines the product you're trying to sell to customers and won't lead to referrals, or at least will lead to some pretty rough and honest ones if any.

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Jun 16, 2021

Great staff. We loved that you design the entire home very nicely.

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Jun 15, 2021

It was a great experience! Good communication through everyone we worked with

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Jun 15, 2021

They're very quick to respond to and resolve warranty requests.

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Jun 15, 2021

It’s kind of a pain to do warranty services after hours. But y’all make it work for us. [name removed] we haven’t had any major problems

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jun 15, 2021

Everything was smooth

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Jun 14, 2021

Nothing I flagged before moving in was corrected. It’s taken me five months to hound the warranty services to come back & fix simple visual things. [name removed] I’ve had two major issues with plumbing that should never have happened—occurred due to carelessness of those who installed the equipment/products.

Verified Homeowner
Lorena, TX, on Jun 14, 2021

[name removed] communication was very good at first. As time went on the communication started to slack at times. We failed inspection multiple times but we were not told that until we asked why it was taking so long. We were in the neighborhood checking on the house a lot so we weren’t informed in every stage but that was ok for the most part. [name removed] kept in contact with us and answered what questions she could in a timely manner. We had very little contact from our superintendent until the last month or so of our build, when things started going wrong. I feel there needs to be better contact between the staff and the home builders. We chose to build with Stylecraft because it was our best and most affordable option at the time. I have enjoyed our home and it is beautiful but there were a lot of corners cut and short comings along the way. There were options available for us to choose from during the selection process that we did not know about. For one we did not know we could upgrade our front door to something nicer, or that floor plugs could be added in the living room. [name removed] crews take a lot of shortcuts and then the home lacks good quality. There were a lot of boards that should’ve been replaced before drywall that we were told were no big deal as long as they passed inspection. I feel that is very bad quality of work. My biggest complaint is the paint. I am not upset that all my walls are the same color but that something as simple as cleaning the wall pulls the paint off. Also the paint crews go to no odds to keep the trim clean and neat. We had paint on our hardwood floors, the windows, the wall, on everything. [name removed] paint was so thinly painted that you could see the boards underneath. During our first walk thru we noticed paint splatters all over the floor, when we told the inspector he seemed put off that we even mentioned it. Then during the second walk thru the inspector made the same comments multiple times about how hard the superintendent worked to get the splatters off the floor. I appreciate his concern for his fellow employee but I do not appreciate him belittling us for complaining that there was paint splatter every where, that we wanted cleaned up. If the superintendent is not in control over the crews doing the job then whoever is should consider changing them or at least seem a little more concerned for their lack of good work. Overall I do love my home and I plan to live there at least a 3-5 years. It is a beautiful starter home and I share the community with my friends and family. [name removed] downfall for Stylecraft is, I warn them of all the negative and negative reviews typically hit harder. In the future I do not believe I will build again with [name removed].

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Jun 14, 2021

The fact that there has been so many items that needed to be fixed because they weren't done correctly.

Verified Homeowner
Tomball, TX, on Jun 14, 2021

I truly enjoyed the entire process, everything exceeded my expectations.

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Jun 10, 2021


Verified Homeowner
Navasota, TX, on Jun 10, 2021

They have done a good job when we have needed something fixed.

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jun 09, 2021

[name removed] material quality for the price is not even. Finding material quality is not the best.

Verified Homeowner
Montgomery, TX, on Jun 07, 2021

Drainage issues throughout the landscaping. No gutters near the entrance of the property. Poor Drainage and soggy landscaping. Terrible top soil if even used.

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jun 07, 2021

[name removed] contract phase was as expected, the move in phase could use some work.

Verified Homeowner
Montgomery, TX, on Jun 07, 2021

[name removed] home was not ready at all when we did a walk in, most of the issues was fixed when we closed but we still have a few problems with our new house, one of the blinds are broken already & our yard and lots of uneven ground due to the rains been having likely we have puddles and puddles of water that won’t dry up in a day or two and because of that we have tons of mosquitoes around our house

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Jun 05, 2021

All staff was friendly and polite. They strive to meet our expectations. We did experience some lack of communication but that was remedied with weekly emails updates. [name removed] delays from weather and covid were unavoidable and understandable but communication about issues is important.

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Jun 05, 2021

I like the process of seeing the house built from the ground

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jun 05, 2021

[name removed] painting quality need to be better

Verified Homeowner

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