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  • Central Texas


    819 Homeowner Reviews

    • Eastern Wells
    • Hartrick Ranch
    • Heartwood Park
    • Lake Pointe
    • Lake Pointe Crossing
    • Legacy At Park Meadows
    • Levy Crossing
    • McGregor Estates
    • North Gate
    • Park Meadows
    • Ridge at Belle Meadows
    • Rivers Crossing
    • Settlers Pass
    • South Fork
    • South Pointe
    • The Bend
    • The Enclave At Park Meadows
    • The Lakes At University Parks
    • The Ridge At Belle Meadows
    • The Village at Elm Creek
    • Three Creeks
    • Valley at Great Hills
    • Warriors Legacy
    • Yowell Ranch
  • Southern Texas


    787 Homeowner Reviews

    • Arrowhead Farms
    • Barron Crossing
    • Connors Cove
    • Creek Meadows
    • Edgewater
    • Ladera Creek
    • Muir Wood
    • Oakmont
    • Pearlbrook
    • Pecan Lakes Estates
    • Pleasant Hill
    • Southern Pointe
    • Spring Lake
    • Sterling Ridge
    • Summerchase
    • Summerwood Trails
    • The Hills Of Town Creek
    • The Lakes at Crockett Martin
    • Timber Trails
    • Vintage Farms
    • Yaupon Trails

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Purchase Experience Testimonials from Real Homebuyers

Troy, TX, on Jul 15, 2024

It was a good and smooth process. I only gave a 9 because some items were not completed before closing. Everyone was great to work with.

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Jul 15, 2024

My ceiling leaked after being in my new home for 6 months, we have had electrical issues as well. Everything except the leak has been fixed. Its scheduled this week to be repaired.My hope is the roof leak will get fixed properly and not be putting a bandaid on it.

Verified Homeowner
Lorena, TX, on Jul 15, 2024

[name removed] and his team have been wonderful to work with and when we've had an issue they have quickly responded and addressed the situation. However, there have been a few things that were not communicated to us such as when the fences and grade was getting redone. We were never notified and that particular contractor was very slow in the process to get the work done. We had a new baby and a dog and it was not an ideal time to be without a fence, but it seemed even more unreasonable that we were without it for 3 months.

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jul 14, 2024

We had great meetings with [name removed] and [name removed], excellent customer service. We were not as impressed with [name removed] who met with us and our realtor first. She really seemed like she didn’t know her job as well as others.

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Jul 14, 2024

The whole experience was great. Huge shout to to [name removed] for helping us the whole way through.

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Jul 13, 2024

The walls are crooked. The doors are crooked- the person who repaired it stated that he wasn't able to do anything about it. The upstairs floor squeak. The person who came to fix the creaksonly did the landing and when I called about the rest of the floor, I was told that I was only allowed one visit to fix the creaks. The paint job is not great. The kitchen counter is crooked. The floor board are chalky, it is not wood. The outside wall chip like paper while mowing the lawn. The AC unit sounds like a [name removed] truck. The walls are quite thin. I do not like that there is no post 1yr warranty company. I have another house that is 18 yrs old and I have had warranty and continue to have warranty on it. It was the warranty same company since the house ws built. What I like very much is the floor plan. I had difficulty finding a house with similar floorplan. I also liked that the warranty service was responsive and easy to work with.

Verified Homeowner
Copperas Cove, TX, on Jul 13, 2024

From the moment my realtor, [name removed] with Hacienda Realty Group, began helping me find my home, it has been an incredible experience. [name removed] understood exactly what I was looking for based on my preferences and style. Stylecraft Builders was the perfect match for my family’s needs. From contract to walkthrough to closing day, every need was met, and every question was answered. I also want to give a special shoutout to [name removed] Home Lenders for their outstanding support. This entire journey has been seamless and rewarding thanks to this amazing team! I will highly recommend Stylecraft to anyone I know in need of the perfect home.

Verified Homeowner
China Spring, TX, on Jul 13, 2024

I liked that I was able to talk directly to the builders, that all minor issues pointed out in the walk through was taken care of, and that they even cleared the garage and patio of spiders! My home was practically move-in ready, I did not have to go to great lengths to make the place habitable.

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Jul 11, 2024

Easy process , the team communicated consistently .

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jul 10, 2024

New house with quick and easy process is my favorite. Lacking few details ( like no towel hanger in one bathroom), which I am unsure if it’s missed by purpose or forgotten.

Verified Homeowner
Lorena, TX, on Jul 10, 2024

They only fix what they see fit

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Jul 09, 2024

Everyone explained things thoroughly and communicated effectively!

Verified Homeowner
College Station, TX, on Jul 08, 2024

HVAC service is taking time

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Jul 08, 2024

So smooth and fast was a little scary how quick the approval and closing process went.

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Jul 08, 2024

The process was easy and every time we had question or an issue, [name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] were always ready to help us find the solution.

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Jul 07, 2024

Prompt, friendly, carried through on commitments.

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Jul 07, 2024

Everyone was so helpful and kind. Willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable and happy. As a first time homebuyer this was greatly appreciated!

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Jul 06, 2024

The warranty customer service has been great. Very quick to address my concerns

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Jul 06, 2024

Everything was very smooth and communicated well. I do not have anything negative to say about the process.

Verified Homeowner
China Spring, TX, on Jul 06, 2024

[name removed] was amazing every step of the way. He was very patient and knowledgeable. This experience for a first time home builder was very stressful, nerve wrecking, and outright frustrating. Limited communication from anyone but [name removed]. Style craft prides itself on quality and we would bet if higher ups saw the "quality" they would be disappointed. I had someone come in too look at things and the comment was "severely cosmetic". I did not have faith or trust in our superintendent (we had 3 different ones). Grades drinking with lots of empties, walls, windows, doors, flooring etc. not level. The way things were remedied were a joke. We have no towel racks and our kitchen faucet dangles from the holder. Initial checklist meeting took time however confirmation was rushed and dismissive. So much more...I have a list so if someone wants to contact me I'd really appreciate it.

Verified Homeowner

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Our approach to homebuilding is simple: “Build each home as if you are building it for yourself. Treat each customer with the respect they deserve. And make the building process a positive experience with a can-do attitude and integrity.”

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