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  • Central Texas


    716 Homeowner Reviews

    • Eastern Wells
    • Hartrick Ranch
    • Heartwood Park
    • Lake Pointe
    • Lake Pointe Crossing
    • Legacy At Park Meadows
    • Levy Crossing
    • McGregor Estates
    • North Gate
    • Park Meadows
    • Ridge at Belle Meadows
    • Rivers Crossing
    • Settlers Pass
    • South Fork
    • South Pointe
    • The Bend
    • The Enclave At Park Meadows
    • The Lakes At University Parks
    • The Ridge At Belle Meadows
    • Three Creeks
    • Valley at Great Hills
    • Warriors Legacy
    • Willow Grove
    • Yowell Ranch
  • Southern Texas


    796 Homeowner Reviews

    • Arrowhead Farms
    • Barron Crossing
    • Bridgewood
    • Connors Cove
    • Creek Meadows
    • Edgewater
    • Green Trails
    • Heritage Meadows
    • Hills Of Town Creek
    • Ladera Creek
    • Muir Wood
    • Oakmont
    • Pearlbrook
    • Pecan Lakes Estates
    • Pleasant Hill
    • Southern Pointe
    • Spring Lake
    • Sterling Ridge
    • Summerchase
    • Summerwood Trails
    • The Estates At Vintage Farms
    • The Hills Of Town Creek
    • The Lakes at Crockett Martin
    • Timber Trails
    • Vintage Farms
    • Yaupon Trails

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Purchase Experience Testimonials from Real Homebuyers

Huntsville, TX, on Feb 28, 2024

Everything is great!

Verified Homeowner
Brenham, TX, on Feb 28, 2024

The website was a bit confusing at first. I had to call the home office to place a ticket.

Verified Homeowner
Conroe, TX, on Feb 27, 2024

Very nice sales people and warranty manager. Handled everything from beginning to end with professionalism.

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Feb 27, 2024

Everyone has been very helpful in trying to make sure repairs happen

Verified Homeowner
Anderson, TX, on Feb 26, 2024


Verified Homeowner
Willis, TX, on Feb 26, 2024

As a whole we are delighted with our home, since the home was already built we didn't have a chance to customize it like we would have done. I wish the interior wall corners were rounded instead of sharp. We would have preferred different lighting in the kitchen area. We would have chosen to not have a bathtub in the master bath. Working with the Stylecraft staff has been a pleasure!

Verified Homeowner
Lorena, TX, on Feb 25, 2024

They did well done according their comments

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Feb 25, 2024

[Translated from ES] The quality and details of the home

Verified Homeowner
Waco, TX, on Feb 24, 2024

I felt like I was not taken seriously with my issues with the construction/quality of my home when it was being built. However, after move in, I voiced my concerns further and the issues were remedied.

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Feb 24, 2024

The customer care experience has been the absolute best, prompt and polite. customer care department has always been on top of our requests. No complaints. As far as warranty services, it is pretty much the industry standard. I feel content overall.

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Feb 23, 2024

they stuck by the warranty schedule. i’m happy with the house i purchased.

Verified Homeowner
Temple, TX, on Feb 23, 2024

Bad experience. The floor service did not show up for 2 times and they notified to Stylecraft that they came and fixed it. We lost time and money of work for stay at home and they didn’t come.

Verified Homeowner
Lorena, TX, on Feb 23, 2024

The areas that should've been fixed prior to move in were not completed. I brought it up for warranty work and was told that if we got the fixes corrected then, it would be counted towards our 10 month inspection and no more fixes would occur at that point. The 2nd bathroom bathtub was damaged and repaired during the building process but we were not notified of this. During a warranty repair it was noted and the coating the bathtub is failing again. The paint in the house is abysmal and you cannot clean it without it being wiped off. The finishing quality is poor as well.

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Feb 21, 2024

Everyone was very helpful. From the sales agent, to the builder, to the warranty manager. They were all very approachable and accessable

Verified Homeowner
Conroe, TX, on Feb 20, 2024

Any issues we have had, there has been steps to fix them and within a timely manner.

Verified Homeowner
Killeen, TX, on Feb 19, 2024

My husband and I are satisfied with the overall experience.

Verified Homeowner
Belton, TX, on Feb 18, 2024

Very friendly & communicative group of people we work at at ridge of belle meadows!

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Feb 17, 2024

They were very good to me

Verified Homeowner
Huntsville, TX, on Feb 17, 2024

Everything is great....

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Feb 17, 2024

Accurate representation of the process and follow up rather than lip service.

Verified Homeowner

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