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Jun 2021 - Jun 2022

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Bella Vista Homes is a premier new home builder in San Antonio, TX.

Since 2005, Bella Vista has worked hard to create communities that provide modern convenience, affordability and architectural style for every family.

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Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, on May 25, 2022

Delays, poor quality of workmanship, when items were pointed out that were not done correctly they never got fixed

Verified Homeowner
New Braunfels, TX, on Apr 06, 2022

Options were not explained very well and not everything is in writing. Communication was good at first than progressively worsened as the expected movie in date kept being adjusted creating problems with selling our old house and traveling to see our new home. To this day, not every option, we paid extra for, is installed in our house. We paid extra for chrome door hardware and do not have it. We paid extra for our front door and it is not stained while homes being finished around us have similar doors that’s are finished. I’ve bought 2 new homes before and this happens to be the worst home ever in terms of quality, fit and finish, and communication with the two people over seeing the completion of our house, [name removed] and [name removed] [name removed]. Most emails or txt go un-answered or even not acknowledged at all. Both parties have been good at times but after moving in, mostly bad now.

Verified Homeowner
New Braunfels, TX, on Dec 17, 2021

Lack of communication and professionalism. Provided inaccurate information and continuously kept changing the closing date. House was dirty and damaged upon delivered. Things that need to be install and corrected have not been completed. We are dissatisfied with certain things that were damaged and the construction manager refuses to replace or fix them because he states we are the only ones that know or it’s not going to happen. Our outdoor lights are all connected together and we asked to be fixed like the other Princeton homes and they told us we need to fix them. I would like to see the agreement clause were it states that the house may be damaged and it’s our responsibility to get it fixed. Also, one of the garage doors was damaged and before closing it was agreed by Princeton management and us that they would be replaced and they had already order them. Now that we closed the construction manager states that he’s not going to replaced it. The house still needs indoor and outdoor cosmetic repairs.

Verified Homeowner
New Braunfels, TX, on Oct 13, 2021

We had a plumbing issue from construction which resulted in severe damage to our front yard and ruined our entire irrigation system, all landscaping to the front yard, and all plants in the front. It took more than 3 weeks to get this resolved including 4 separate trips by the plumber because they kept damaging things and leaving work half done. One of the plumbers even told me “we don’t have time to do the job correctly” in those exact words.

Verified Homeowner
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, on Sep 30, 2021

[name removed] did a great job on keeping me up to date on what was going on with construction and when your company hired [name removed], things even got a lot better. He really did a great job on getting my house finished by closing date. I have to be honest, things were really running tight the last few weeks all the way to closing day but everyone did what was needed so that we could close. I consider [name removed] and [name removed] friends and they are welcome at my house anytime. Thanks to them, I can honestly retire now and enjoy a beautiful home with my wife and kids. Thanks [name removed] and [name removed], your the best....

Verified Homeowner
New Braunfels, TX, on Aug 13, 2021

Like - [name removed] the original Sales rep was very nice, and [name removed] the Construction Manager really impressed us! [name removed] alone was the main reason we did not leave a bad review. Some of the building materials advertised appeared of higher quality than some of the other builders. The floor plan options were nice. The cost of the dropped garage to meet the landscape of our lot was covered. Dislikes - The design center was a terrible experience, it was a long wait for an appointment, and when the design rep cut our appointment short due to childcare, the next appointment available was almost two weeks out. They did not cover everything with us in the design center as we would not have agreed to plastic tubs in a house that was just shy of half a million dollars. We were pretty livid over that as by the time we discovered the tubs were plastic, it was too late to change it. The timeline would move and we were the last to know. Even though it ended up in the walls and out of sight, it was annoying seeing boards with like 20 nails in one spot, and really just shotty looking work throughout the build process. Now a lot of that appeared to change when [name removed] took over but the house was also pretty far along at that point. The last item I will mention is [name removed]'s replacement, she was not very nice, maybe she was having a bad day, but once when we has stopped in to inquire about the timeline, she immediately appeared agitated and started telling us how y'all have two years to complete everything, and that almost set us off, as we were simply inquiring about the timeline.

Verified Homeowner
New Braunfels, TX, on Jun 28, 2021

Project manager stretched too far

Verified Homeowner
New Braunfels, TX, on Jun 12, 2021

The construction manager and sales manager were great. Everything was delivered on time considering the pandemic. The entire process from contract to design selection and final walkthrough was straightforward.

Verified Homeowner