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Home Builder Customer Reviews

No one knows more about a home builder’s quality and service than the builder’s customers.

Since 1984, Eliant has been independently evaluating the performance of home builders across the U.S., Canada, and the Middle East:

  • We ask recent homebuyers to evaluate their builder’s purchase process.
  • Then, we ask home owners to evaluate their builder’s quality and service (1) after the first 5-months in the home, and (2) again at the end of the first year.

In “Home Builder Customer Reviews”, we present the ratings and comments collected from new-home buyers at these three points in time. About 50% of home owners complete their evaluations, while 70% of recent homebuyers choose to participate.

Eliant verifies that only evaluations completed by actual customers are included in this “Home Builder Customer Reviews” site. No other evaluations – whether collected by the builder or those appearing on other public sites – are included here. All customer comments are included verbatim, no editing is permitted.