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Waxahachie, TX, on Feb 06, 2023

I would like the paint colors.

Verified Homeowner
Fort Worth, TX, on Feb 06, 2023

Our house was not complete and still is not complete almost a year later. When we did our walk-through [name removed], the builder rushed us to get it over with as we pointed out numerous things that need to be fixed and some still needs to be fixed as he assured use would be fixed. We gave him extra time to fix these issues after we closed. Upon moving in none of these issued were not fixed. [name removed] weekend we moved in we had no hot water the emergency plumber didn't answer or return phone calls. Once we moved in [name removed] just pushed us off to Trophy warranty. Then it was a back and forth of who was responsible. trophy declined a majority of our claims and then we had to fight to get issues fixed. These were issues that our Third-party inspector had pointed out in the beginning. then we got the excuse of industry standards which nobody could show us the standards. Poor communication between the contractors that had fix these issues and the different warranty managers we had.

Verified Homeowner
Red Oak, TX, on Feb 05, 2023

The architecture is beautiful. The floor tiles could have been better aligned. The work is not 100% neat. The entrance door should have had a higher headroom e.g 8ft. It’s more befitting for a house of that size. There should have been a hood extractor above the stove. The flower bed wasn’t great and there should have been a back gate at the backyard.

Verified Homeowner
Prairie Ridge, TX, on Feb 04, 2023

Likes - design of home Dislikes - warranty process/response

Verified Homeowner
Royse City, TX, on Feb 02, 2023

The price for the quality was beyond my expectations. Communication between myself and the builder was great. My only issue was with the title company, I did not receive my CD until the day of closing an hour before the title company was closing.

Verified Homeowner
Royse City, TX, on Feb 01, 2023

The builders do terrible work and make excuses for their wrong doing on the other hand warranty department acts like a completely different entity from Trophey and make up policies on what they will address and not …although the mistakes were done by builders under the same company. Warranty repairs aren’t coordinated well, I got 3 warranty managers in 6 months having to re-explain issues to each one of them, then they disappear and I get assign a new one. [name removed] is too high for the little amnesties the community has to offer ( I still don’t even know what I am paying for) I liked how helpful the sale agent has been .

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 31, 2023

Several imperfections never corrected properly in sheetrock, brick, cleaning of tile prior to move-in, painting of garage looks like it was done by very inexperienced Painter (so many areas missed), garage door does not work right when organizing button, smell is awful in Master Bath drains and never fixed right, front door was changed out with door that is sloppy stained and missing stain with paint over-spill

Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Jan 31, 2023

My wife and sister in law’s original encounter with [name removed] at the sales office were not very pleasant. He spoke down to them and made them feel like they weren’t worthy of his time like they couldn’t afford to look at the houses. Once [name removed] got involved, it was smooth sailing from there. [name removed] was very easy to deal with and responded quickly and courteously.

Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Jan 30, 2023

Trophy has been a great company to work with. They care about their customers and constantly work to make sure that everything is perfect

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Jan 30, 2023

For most problems the standard answer is that the warranty does not cover

Verified Homeowner
Fairview, TX, on Jan 30, 2023

Good quality and smooth move in process

Verified Homeowner
Fort Worth, TX, on Jan 30, 2023

Likes: love the external design Dislikes: 1)Could’ve used railings for the stairs, but went with cheaper drywall 2)Had issues with back patio door coming apart after closing. Submitted warranty request weeks ago and it still hasn’t been resolved. 3)[name removed] water heater takes forever to circulate hot water.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 30, 2023

The quality of homes is excellent. Love to call this home as our Sweet [name removed]. The follow-up of sales rep ([name removed]), construction manager ([name removed]) was awesome. They paid attention to everything that I brought to them. [name removed]'s attention to our needs, and addressing our concerns was awesome. He is a fantastic Trophy rep. I wished for more communication from the title company. It was very limited. For a new buyer, it created uncertainties about the process (What and How part of it). Anyways, we were able to get through.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Jan 28, 2023

My back yard puddles at the lowest spot and I was told that the grading is ok. I asked to see the grading spec but it was never shown to me. Can you help me? Other things were taken care of.

Verified Homeowner
Waxahachie, TX, on Jan 28, 2023

The bathroom cabinet are not properly done. They started falling apart few days we moved in. When I requested for repair via warranty they said they do not cover it. Secondly the material they use in construction are cheap. Just few days to moving in to our house, we found several window screen damaged. Also the electrical out for all of the bathroom uses only one RFI (reset). Now this RFI has not been working for the past 3 months. We actually have been using extension cord to get power into the bathrooms. This is hazardous and doesn’t make sense for the price we paid for this house. When I generate a warranty for any issues, it’s takes weeks before i can get a reply back. I am not satisfied with the house and I will not recommend anyone to buy for Trophy signature home because they don’t big quality. They use cheap materials to build and low quality construction.

Verified Homeowner
Fort Worth, TX, on Jan 28, 2023

[name removed] and [name removed] explained the process and guided us along the way. [name removed] @ BHome helped us through the financing. We got to see the quality that went into our new home during construction. And now, our champion [name removed] has made sure that anything we need is addressed immediately. We could not be happier!

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 28, 2023

Absolutely terrible sales lady [name removed]. Once we entered into contract, she became extremely unprofessional and dishonest. And your loan officer, was even worse, in regards to communication and rates. The worse experience we’ve had in purchasing real estate.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Jan 27, 2023

responsive. they come and take care of issues

Verified Homeowner
Lavon, TX, on Jan 26, 2023

Warranty experience has been a nightmare, from not completing work to the warranty crew refusing to do their job, lack of communication and saying they would show up and don’t. I’ve told friends and family to stay away from trophy homes because of this headache

Verified Homeowner
Royse City, TX, on Jan 26, 2023

Our 2 on site contacts were very helpful & responsive. [name removed] & [name removed]

Verified Homeowner

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Launched in early 2018, Trophy Signature Homes has rapidly expanded across Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, and will soon be expanding into the Austin, Texas market.

As a subsidiary of Green Brick Partners, Trophy Signature Homes combines our local building expertise with the strong financial resources of a national, diversified homebuilding and land development company.

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