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Baton Rouge, LA, on Jun 09, 2021

After about a week in my home, I found all sorts of half done work - trying to addressed these issues have been a nightmare. Calls always go to voice mail and are never returned. After call back 4 to 5 times, I After calling back 4 to 5 times and getting someone not working in construction, I was told to fill out a work order which was NEVER addressed as well

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on Jun 08, 2021

Liked - when I rec'd email feedback immediately (within 24-48hrs) and the team started working to address my concern. Really liked that the site superintendent is still involved and providing regular updates. Disliked - when I had to reach out several times to the same employee about some move in close out items only to find out that employee was no longer in that position so had to reach out to a new employee to get anything addressed. Also disliked lack of leverage over contractors responsible for the repairs after construction. I know this is out of the control of those at Alvarez I am working with but it is frustrating nonetheless.

Verified Homeowner
Denham Springs, LA, on Jun 07, 2021

I’ve emailed a few times since we were last contacted and I haven’t heard back at all. I asked about our dishwasher which had parts melted in it from running it. Our door into our garage has yet to be fixed and we have been dealing with that since we moved in and we are still missing cabinet knobs from when they came to fix it, ran out of screws and said they would come back. I would also like someone to come look at the counters because we have quite a few spots that aren’t sealed correctly. Quite disappointed in our experiences so far.

Verified Homeowner
Central, LA, on Jun 02, 2021

Some of the things that was told would be done was not completed things in my home we’re broken electrical sockets was not working shower drains not working a lot of different things I was not taken care of as promised

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on May 23, 2021

I did not have success in getting a response from the Alvarez customer rep in any sort of timely manner.

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on May 20, 2021

I have liked the speedy service and the turnaround time that the issues are resolved.

Verified Homeowner
Denham Springs, LA, on May 19, 2021

We were told when purchased our School district would be different

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on May 18, 2021

I’m general, the building process was smooth. I did not have any concerns during the building process other than it took longer than expected. My contract stated 4.5 months, but it ended up taking an extra month to complete. I started having issues once we got closer to closing. My closing date was changed 3 times. I paid for my own inspection but the items on the list were not addressed prior to closing. It was up to me to nag people to get things done. If I asked nicely, they ignored me. I should not have to be ugly ans cause a scene to get punch list items addressed. After closing, they sent all of my issues to warranty. One of the items on my inspection was flashing on the roof was incomplete (that’s a big deal to me) and they identified points of entry for rodents (MAJOR PROBLEM FOR ME). When I finally closed on the house, it was dirty and there was signs of mice day 1. I am a young female who did this on my own and I have not been able to enjoy the purchase of my first home because I am so disappointed with this process ans traumatized by the mice. I feel like I bought a $330K mouse nest. I also expected the quality of this home to be better. If I touch the wall, the paint gets scratched. They did not clean the yard prior to putting down sod. I have found razor blades in the grass and large metal scraps that stick out from under the grass. I also feel like they did not clean the floor prior to putting the carpet down. When I walk on the carpet, it feels like there is something under it. Overall, I am very disappointed. I feel like they do not care about the people they are selling these houses too because they are too busy throwing together another 300 houses in other developments. It might just be another house to [name removed], but this is my HOME that I worked really hard to purchase on my own.

Verified Homeowner
Denham Springs, LA, on May 17, 2021

[name removed] Company’s staff is very nice. Everyone is happy to help and answers your questions. What i did not like is that may staff did not know who specifically we needed to contact for specific information when they did not know the answer, however the quick responses did make up for that.

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on May 12, 2021

They have not finished the park behind my house. I bought that lot because it was on the park and it has been over a year and the park is not finished. I will be pursuing all avenues to ensure Alvarez finishes the neighborhood they started.

Verified Homeowner
Prairieville, LA, on May 12, 2021

They are friendly, knowledgeable and provide a quality product

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on May 11, 2021

[name removed] needs to improve in multiple areas of the construction, communication, and relationship process if they want to be set a part. I chose [name removed] because I was under the impression I was getting something different. I would say my home purchasing process and quality of work was very close to my DR [name removed] purchase. I was a very difficult client with high expectations and was let down. If you win over the clients like myself, that's where you set yourself apart. If your goal is to build thousands of shitty homes a year that is fine, but don't advertise to be different if you are not. I think [name removed] needs to look inward and see what they can change to truly set their selves apart from the bottom.

Verified Homeowner
Denham Springs, LA, on May 08, 2021

Very hard to get in contact with anyone after purchasing a home. I have had multiple issues since moving in and can’t get anyone here to fix them.

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on May 06, 2021

I’ve had four electric issues in the 6 months I’ve lived in my newly built home. The community is not 100% gated, there’s a gate to enter the community but the back half of the community has no partition to separate our community from an older neighborhood.

Verified Homeowner
Denham Springs, LA, on May 02, 2021

It’s complicated to get in touch with someone about home warranty issues. I still haven’t received a phone call back, about the heater in the bathroom, the molding after the house settled and other small issues

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on Apr 29, 2021

Process was smooth, everything was delivered on time as promised

Verified Homeowner
Denham Springs, LA, on Apr 26, 2021

What I like about the warranty service is when called for service, the staff members are prompted and swift with meeting our needs!

Verified Homeowner
Baton Rouge, LA, on Apr 23, 2021

It’s hard to get any response when trying to call or email about problems with my home or questions I have regarding work that needs to be done.

Verified Homeowner
Central, LA, on Apr 19, 2021

There were and still are items to be addressed. I have recently found out that the responsible person has left the company. I am assured though that the items will be addressed in the near future.

Verified Homeowner
Prairieville, LA, on Apr 17, 2021

I have been having problems with drainage around the house since I moved in and they are still working on it with no real solution.

Verified Homeowner

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Alvarez Construction builds, lives and is active in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. For more than 25 years, our family has been building homes for Louisiana residents and their families. We are committed to working closely with you from finalizing the design and personal touches to building your dream home and staying on schedule. Our family works hard to maintain the standards that have built our reputation over the years. Whether you are relocating, buying your first home, or simply in the market for a new one, our family wants to build it for you!

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