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Frisco, TX, on Jan 20, 2022

The warranty process - after the sale issues not being addressed timely or seriously.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 19, 2022

[name removed], Warranty Manager, is very cooperative and professional. He is always on top of issue and make sure it is fixed on time. I am delightful with his ways of working.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Jan 19, 2022

Overall, Normandy home did a great job to make purchase experience from contract through closing as pleasant as possible. The sales manager was knowledgeable and super responsive to all the questions we have. The construction manager was also very helpful on responding to our concerns. The weekly construction update was super nice to us as a buyer to get to know the update and the process of the house.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Jan 18, 2022

Timely response and quick solve.

Verified Homeowner
Irving, TX, on Jan 11, 2022

Plan of the home is outdated and not suitable for the lot. 13 months to build the home bit longer than expected. The whole contract seem to be one sided, favorable to the builder. The whole experience is bit frustrating as a new home buyer.

Verified Homeowner
Carrollton, TX, on Jan 11, 2022

[name removed] has been provided top notched customer service. Because of her, every process was very smooth. She is really one of a kind. [name removed] is really amazing. He is very knowledgeable. He always have answers whenever I ask him a questions.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Jan 08, 2022

I am not sure that the quality is top notch. Also it takes a number of nudges to respond to customer issues. Its not easy to report issues to your customer care too.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 06, 2022

Our intitial manager [name removed] did not present all the options. We wanted a shower in our guest room we were never told this was an option. [name removed] took over and did a much better job.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 02, 2022

there is no flexibility in amending the contract even for minor changes to the buyer where as the builder has the flexibility for lot of amendments , better design studio walk thru for those making choices over the video , 3d video of models would be great help

Verified Homeowner
Irving, TX, on Jan 02, 2022

According to the contract house was supposed to be delivered to us in May 2021, instead house was delivered to us with lots of exceptions (pending works) in Nov 2021. It’s been more than a month after we moved in as of now, the pending works are not yet completed. Still, we are not able to use the Bathroom2 and fireplace tile work is incomplete. House was delivered to us without final cleaning, and we were told that they would send someone to clean the house in couple of days and no one turned up till now. During the construction process also, there were lot of things which were missed, and wrong selections were installed, which delayed the overall delivery. Ex: Plumbing work, Light fixtures, bad quality of fireplace cedar, broken glass windows and missing items like soap dispenser, toilet paper holders etc. House was not ready for Orientation either, and we were not provided enough time for the orientation too as construction manager had another appointment and he rushed us through the process. I am sorry to say the overall experience was not good.

Verified Homeowner
Irving, TX, on Dec 30, 2021

I still have tickets from my pre-move in checklist that are not completed. No paint samples were left behind.

Verified Homeowner
Carrollton, TX, on Dec 30, 2021

[Translated from KO] Fast repair work before closing

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Dec 29, 2021

[name removed] responding to requests

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Dec 28, 2021

Liked: Regular update on status of house construction, follow up on pending items which require closure post close in , systematic and smooth close in process

Verified Homeowner
Carrollton, TX, on Dec 27, 2021


Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Dec 26, 2021

I liked how the processes were moving fast, prompt, and resolving with any issues. [name removed] was awesome. I also liked the weekly updates with photos. I disliked how Greenbrick mortgage communicated with me. It made me feel like I was getting played by the sales strategy they were using. I ended up getting another lender even with the greenbrick's matched rate. I disliked how late I was informed when the upgraded ceiling fan blade is too long for the flex room that it touches the door. [name removed] showed it to me after everything was installed. I think it is late to inform me in that stage and annoying that it required my intervention by getting the new fan with shorter blades, scheduling with electrician and things.

Verified Homeowner
Flower Mound, TX, on Dec 24, 2021

There is a pending requested sent 3 -4 weeks ago for my ceiling fan but as of now no feedback at all.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Dec 21, 2021

Delay in house construction completion, but I understand its due to market situation which was beyond builders control.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Dec 20, 2021

[name removed] and [name removed] were the best sales and builder team. Always on top of connecting and communications were awesome.

Verified Homeowner
Flower Mound, TX, on Dec 08, 2021

The customer care and the service has been very good so far.

Verified Homeowner

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