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Sunnyvale, TX, on Oct 19, 2020

There are still a few items left unfinished from our punch list and it is pushing two months. The house itself is gorgeous and we are quite happy with the home and neighborhood.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Oct 08, 2020

[name removed] purchase and contract price was great. [name removed] build has been a nightmare at this price point. We closed with a long list of unfinished items and many are still not complete 45 days post closing. Communication with our builder was not good and has gotten worse since closing. We built a pool with Mirage, one of the two companies that [name removed] told us that we had to use and our pool is still not complete. We had to babysit this process the entire time and it has been exhausting. You should better bet your recommended pool companies better and know how to manage them to required timelines. Forcing the buyer through this and completely ignoring that the pool is not complete and the buyer has to follow up each week to find out status, it’s truly exhausting. We paid almost $1mm for this home and are very disappointed with the experience on the build side. [name removed] at the sales office was great and did what she could to help, but it isn’t her job.

Verified Homeowner
Argyle, TX, on Oct 01, 2020

The support after the sale is amazing. They resolve any reported issue very quickly.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Sep 30, 2020

I am working with [name removed] on my warranty items. He is swift in his responses but some issue have been pending for quite sometime.. Like grading issues on side yard and one other issue was backyard lawn grading... its poorly done and my kids fall when they step on those uneven areas.. Discussed with pedro but looks like lawn grading not covered under warranty.. [name removed] happy.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Sep 30, 2020

[name removed] fell short of state expectations throughout each phase of the contract, build and close process. To name just a few example, decisions made at the signing of contract could not be changed the following day (I.e. size of front, adding optional shower). Having 3 builders through the process made it very difficult - to the point where something agreed upon with one builder we had to fight to get done with the new builder. Lack of communication on progress and quality of work during last 2 weeks of the build - we were willing to postpone closing but felt pressured to close and was promised it would all be fixed shortly after close. We are now over 30 days past close and no where close to having items addressed.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Sep 22, 2020

Did not agree with decisions to limit tile to only Emser tile. This was not fully expressed prior to design center meetings. Ultimately we were able to get the tile we wanted but the experience would have been easier if choices were not limited to only Emser. When [name removed] discontinued half of the color selections our choices were limited to only a few colors. This should have never happened. Our laundry room was mirrored during construction to account for venting that would have been too long. However, it wasn't until we moved in that we discovered that the washer and dry position were now reversed and our dryer was now on the left hand side of the room. This should have been fixed. Instead our only option was to swap the locations of the appliances and extend the hoses and vents which causes our appliances to stick out into the room further. This should have been resolved another way. I know it would have taken quite a bit of work to fix it but the end result would have been a standard washer left, dryer right configuration. [name removed] sure how the trades folks (plumber in particular) did not catch this. Overall we are very pleased with our home. The building process took a while to get started but once we got everything started the construction went very smoothly. Appreciate [name removed] making some minor changes during the construction phase that gave us some additional closet space which would have just been covered up with drywall!

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Sep 17, 2020

Fence door keep working multiple times. The supplier blocked number and kept ignoring my calls. Finally agree to see problem after I offered to pay. Asked me to call after 4 days.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Sep 15, 2020

There few item which I extremely happy about and on the other hand I have seen few things which can improved like having "windows in the living can be opened" we have 6 windows in living/dining room and none of them open...to me this is a bad design...the sprinker system went down in the 1st month itself and I lost 5 bushes in the front and I'm yet to get a response on how to replace them

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Sep 07, 2020

We very much appreciated how supportive and responsive our sales office team at [name removed] [name removed] ([name removed] and [name removed]) were, and how sincere our construction manager was to identify and resolve punch list items.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jul 23, 2020

Sales Mgr. does not know how to follow up with customer, slow to react to customer request , not friendly, not considerate of customer times. Builder needs improvement with follow up with vendors, to many mistakes during the process of building my home.

Verified Homeowner

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