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Frisco, TX, on Jan 11, 2021

I liked that [name removed] was on target. He was efficient, no nonsense and responsive to our questions, communications. Disliked the sales process, a little disorganized. Some details ended up not being as they were sold.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 06, 2021

1. Terrible communication gap. Did not even communicate the change in sales manager.I have been waiting for several weeks for a response and came to know that manager is no longer working. 2.Several tasks were done out of order during construction. 3.Several quality issues ? Several plumbing issues and failed inspection 4 times for very basic reasons. ? Post tension cables blown out ? Master toilet plumbing placed in wrong location and PT slab had to be cut open ? Sheathing o ZIP sheathing had several holes o Over driven nails o Sheathing not nailed into studs making it less stable ? Zip Taping o Taping was applied before sheathing issues were fixed o Wrong Tape was applied. o Tape was not applied correctly. No shingle lap fashion. Several places where tape will work as funnel instead of acting as weather barrier. ? Bowed drywalls resulting from framing issues ? Foyer dimensions off ? [name removed]-equal column widths – visually disturbing ? Warped double I-joist beam ? Beams without adequate support ? Missing Tstat in first floor and HVAC initially not designed for separate zoning in Master bedroom. ? Wrong base plate fasteners ? Studs not cut to length and not resting on bottom plate ? Contractors starting on next task without fixing issues from previous task. For example, sheathing tape applied before the sheathing issues fixed. Insulation contractors started before the framing issues fixed. ? Top plates not resting on studs ? Missing braces for the beams ? Braces not cut at 45 deg to properly support. ? Broken and bowed studs ? 2X4 walls instead of 2X6 walls ? Revealing windows ? Overhanging base plates ? Wobbling floors, not nailed properly ? Improper nailing causing the joist flanges to be broken ? Paired beams without/inadequate nailing ? Improper handling of equipment causing big damage to floor in Gameroom

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Dec 30, 2020

We thoroughly enjoyed working with [name removed] the sale agent, and [name removed] the builder. They both worked very hard to answer all of our questions and concerns.

Verified Homeowner
Sunnyvale, TX, on Dec 19, 2020

House took way longer to build. Extra 2.5 months. Left us homeless for 2 weeks. Trying to sell us poor workmanship

Verified Homeowner
Haslet, TX, on Dec 18, 2020

I liked how the Project Mngr and the Sales Agent was proactive in keeping us updated with the build. I liked how [name removed] was accommodating and flexible to our needs. I didn’t like how Multimedia Solutions didn’t return my calls or messages in regards to the low voltage wiring, speaker inquiries and questions I had with the placement of the multimedia box. As far as the landscaping, it’s mediocre. I’m not worried too much about the backyard as we are planning for a pool but the front yard has bumps and uneven spots where the soil is very soft.

Verified Homeowner
Haslet, TX, on Dec 17, 2020

Working With [name removed]

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Dec 11, 2020

Had some windows that leaked but [name removed] has provided great customer service and is making strides to make sure they don’t leak anymore. I really like quality of home, [name removed] the builder, [name removed] is outstanding and of course [name removed] is top notch

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Dec 04, 2020

There was a lack of communication during the building process. We found that there were multiple small items that while brought up during the walk through were not addressed.

Verified Homeowner
Haslet, TX, on Dec 01, 2020

My key dislikes with [name removed] homes have been with the repeat issues with warranty repairs, although our now warranty liaison [name removed] has been very respectful and as helpful as he can. We have had to have repeat attempted repairs on our patio beam, which are still not repaired to our satisfaction. We have had issues with live electrical conduits left exposed, missing outlets, bad gfci switches (currently, there are issues with the holiday outlets that seem to be incorrectly wired to gfci switches due to multiple tripping). We have had failures with the flooring, including hollow spots, splitting boards that took months to get the contractor to schedule and ultimately resolve (confirmation is pending today's visit). We currently have rattling noise over the garage roof reported by the contractor as repaired; however, the noise is still present. There have been corner pops in our bricks and fractures in our exterior brick walls. Those have been repaired, but we had them considering the home's age is challenging. We have had independent inspections done on our house. There were some items on the secondary inspection that are still outstanding. They include fractured grout/caulk, gaps in the garage doors that promote rodent infestation, pressure sensors not performing correctly, exposed foundation footing, exposed nails and fasteners in the roof, and cracks in the patio slab. Drip lines have been exposed since before the closing and cited in both inspection reports provided to [name removed] as inadequate. This item remains unresolved.

Verified Homeowner
Sunnyvale, TX, on Dec 01, 2020

The [name removed] at [name removed] were good to work with on most all occasions. We did not like the way our sales represented worked with us during the build process. All requests for updates were deferred to the construction supervisor. [name removed] should hire a project manager(s) for every development that helps manage customer questions/expectations/status and also assists with keeping the sub-contractors and superintendent on track. The other enhancement I would recommend is a case management system to track construction and warranty requests and status. Providing customer self service and a mechanism to ask questions online.

Verified Homeowner

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