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Haslet, TX, on Oct 05, 2021

The repair personnel did not take pride in their work. The repairs done to the home were mediocre at best and left a lot of debris and wall splatter on my home equipment. There is still an ongoing leak from the roof when it rains.

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Oct 05, 2021

The contract stage, pre construction and construction were great. [name removed] was very helpful, answered all our questions, gave some recommendations. The lighting selections with [name removed] Lighting was great. [name removed] helped me a lot to choose exactly what I was planning, the communication was as expected, and now it looks very nice in our house. The construction went well, even with the shortages, the process went smooth and pretty fast. [name removed] is very professional, responsive and helpful. I would add more status updates to builder/ buyer communication, Pre, post and during the construction. Design center from other side, was a big disappointment. The limited lines of upgrades didn’t allow me to implement some of my ideas, the items and services are ridiculously overpriced. The designer, I was assigned to, wasn’t professional, didn’t respond on time to my emails. As a result the whole design center selection took 4 months and tile in master bathroom was not installed as we planned. I sad a lot about it in my emails to [name removed] during my work with design center and later on with [name removed] who didn’t help my much. And, the final, Landscape. The minimum payment that was requested for upgrades is 5000$, which immediately eliminated any minor changes on a landscape we were thinking to make.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Sep 28, 2021

Very friendly, knowledgeable sales and construction manager. Very prompt w request to have things fixed before closing and after closing. Design options at showroom could be better.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Sep 15, 2021

The purchasing experience was great. Even though this is the first home that we built, [name removed] was able to ease us into it despite the steep learning curve on the planning and designing. [name removed] was extremely patient with us and helped and assisted us on guiding us though the multitude of decision making while going through the contract and the process. The designing experience was terrible with SouthWestern Design studio as the designer does not listen or look at the pictures we brought and kept insisting her design ideas which we have no interest in. After the second design meeting, [name removed] decided to switch design studios. It may be an inconvenience for some Southgate customers, however, it's a godsend for us. We get to redo everything and we are extremely happy with our designer [name removed] at Flooring Services Design Gallery. During the first visit working with [name removed], my wife told me she's so happy that the designer had similar design sense as she does and that makes our new designer really easy to work with. We really like our builder too. We felt [name removed] is very detail oriented and very eager to fulfill our every request, no matter how small, he will go find out for us. We felt he has our backs and will make sure the home is build to spec. During walkthroughs he would capture every small defect and get them fixed before handing the house to us. One gripe is that right after closing on 7/23, [name removed] got sick for a week, so no one was there to finish up the punch items and the new house was left in limbo for about 2 weeks delaying our move-in. We had to extend our lease at the place we are temporarily staying for one more month. I had to reach out to [name removed] and our real estate agent to see if someone will finish up the punch items so we can move-in. [name removed] was able to bring it up in the team meeting and help us out immediately. Good thing is that [name removed] eventually recovered from getting sick and finished all he punch items and repairs and we just started to move into the new house few days ago on 9/12. There are still a few minor repairs awaiting scheduling, but the big items are done. If we can catch those big repair punch items earlier, maybe our move-in won't delay that long. But overall, we are still really happy and lucky to be able to work with [name removed]. If it's not for [name removed], we felt we might be delayed even longer.

Verified Homeowner
Argyle, TX, on Sep 14, 2021

Haven’t dealt with warranties yet

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Sep 11, 2021

Customer Service is very responsive and thoughtful

Verified Homeowner
Lucas, TX, on Sep 10, 2021

[name removed] service has been great with follow up to ensure everything is completed. I would rate warranty services at 5 stars!

Verified Homeowner
Sunnyvale, TX, on Sep 08, 2021

Quality of work. For the price of this home, we should have better quality people building them. At some point it was like kids doing the work

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Aug 31, 2021

[name removed] has been fantastic in dealing with the warranty claims. The longer we are in our home, the more things we have found that was overlooked in the quality control of our build. Before we closed, [name removed] our builder, during the walk-through said that we weren’t there to find defects but there to see functionality. He also assured us that he would mark defects to be resolved and he failed badly at those. We have countertops that have blemishes from installs and saw marks in them. We are missing trim around the base of the cabinets in the laundry room. We have gutter drain lines that appear to be washing out corners of the foundation because they don’t drain anywhere. These are things I shouldn’t be dealing with in a brand new home at this price point.

Verified Homeowner
Haslet, TX, on Aug 31, 2021

Love the build and construction. Love the foamed walls. Dislike the lawn and landscape company. Still having issues with drainage in the yard. Dislike the flat wall paint.

Verified Homeowner

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