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Humble, TX, on Sep 27, 2022

Everything has been great had few issues that was promptly corrected

Verified Homeowner
Rosharon, TX, on Sep 27, 2022

it was easy and fast

Verified Homeowner
New Braunfels, TX, on Sep 27, 2022

No honestly about realistic time lines! The sales rep was rude and promised things that didn’t happen

Verified Homeowner
Katy, TX, on Sep 27, 2022

I disliked the lottery process. It added a lot of stress to the home buying process. I liked that [name removed] was extremely nice and professional.

Verified Homeowner
Spring, TX, on Sep 27, 2022

So far all warranty services have been prompt, with knowledgeable professionals, with follow up following completion.

Verified Homeowner
Sequin, TX, on Sep 26, 2022

I like the fact that I avoided a bidding war. The staff overall communicated very well. The thing I was most disappointed in was the house had a lot of touch ups that weren’t completed the day I we t to close. Also the sod was installed very poorly. I have a bunch of weeds and small rocks that I’m always picking out of the grass

Verified Homeowner
Porter, TX, on Sep 26, 2022

So far responsive

Verified Homeowner
Houston, TX, on Sep 25, 2022

Type of construction

Verified Homeowner
Spring, TX, on Sep 25, 2022

The lack of.communication with their lenders and builders. In complete issues around the house that were listed on the inspection report. Still waiting to have the garage door fixed. Carpet repaired. We were lied to on our second walk that everything would be complete. We have been in our home almost two months and a lot of the repairs are still incomplete. The fact that the builder didn't try to obtain a refrigerator was a complete inconvenience. [name removed] our.customer service is very bad about returning calls and getting things done. [name removed] was a awful builder he way.of showing us the house was very uninformative. His boss was also not really helpful in the situation. He said that the house was exterminated and it wasn't. My wife suffered extreme insect bites. Now our front door has a gap at the bottom when we close it. The garage door has a bent bracket and the gap between top to the bottom is widing. Overall the only reason why we went with Legends is because they came highly recommended from our realtor

Verified Homeowner
Conroe, TX, on Sep 25, 2022

In my experience, I feel these house are getting build so fast that their workers omits house details. The day before my closing day I drove by the house and not a si gel item that was discussed on the walks was addressed. It was headache after headache and for this reason I wouldn’t recommend Legend Homes to family or friends.

Verified Homeowner
Conroe, TX, on Sep 25, 2022

Turn around time to attend to issues raised

Verified Homeowner
Humble, TX, on Sep 24, 2022

Everything kept getting pushed back. The house wasn’t finished by the time it was time to close. They had switched the foreman’s so we had things that was forgotten about.

Verified Homeowner
Rosharon, TX, on Sep 24, 2022

I’m a first time home buyer, [name removed] and my realtor made the process very easy. Also [name removed] went over and beyond to meet my expectations.

Verified Homeowner
Fort Worth, TX, on Sep 24, 2022

It has been 3 months since I moved in and there are still some finishing touches that have not been completed. I waited this long to complete the survey to give it more time but I have run out of patience and it’s ime to say it the way it is. Is it a crime to pay cash for your Legend Home? I believe I wouldn’t be dealing with finishing touch issue 3 months after move in if I bought the house through a bank. Bathroom finishes is still pending, painting job finishes is still pending, holes/cuts in the walls/sheet rocks. Door bell generator replaced only 1 weeks after moving in ( broken generator) Dryer not working due to circuit breaker. Whirlpool stove/oven circuit breaker replaced after only 1 week. Plumber here already to fix toilet problems. Shingles on roof falling apart already. Sidings/outside walls with broken pieces. Shrubs in the front of the house dried out before moving into the house (the dead plants are still outside). Honestly, this house feels like a piece of crap. Unfortunately a house of $320 shouldn’t feel like everything in it is made out of cheap materials ( because everything is falling apart only after 3 months and the initial job was poorly done anyways). [name removed] is trying but I think it’s just ridiculous that we are still trying to fix the uncomplicated jobs 3 months after moving in. Can I just have someone fix what is left so I can feel finally feel like I have moved into my new home?

Verified Homeowner
Spring, TX, on Sep 22, 2022

So far I’ve only had to contact the warranty service one time since moving into my home March 2022 and the service was good. I do plan to utilize the warranty service again before it expires completely. ??

Verified Homeowner
Bryan, TX, on Sep 22, 2022

There are a lot of issue that the builders forgot and there are cosmetic issues as well.

Verified Homeowner
Porter, TX, on Sep 21, 2022

Stayed in touch keeping me up on every step

Verified Homeowner
Cibolo, TX, on Sep 20, 2022

It took a year and a half, our wood sat out in the weather for a year, nothing lined up right, everything is warped, we had little to no communication from the company till the last month or 2, when we did complain and try to get things fixed we were told by the main boss lady that if we had one more complaint she would tear up our contract and we would lose our home. So we were not able to address any concerns and now we have a brand new house with warped walls, counters, and very poor quality. We never got to do any of the construction meetings we were told we would be able to do. And our interest rate is now at 4.75 when if we closed on the date promised we would be at 2.6. [name removed] lied to us throughout the WHOLE process from start to finish. Shady and I will continue to tell everyone I know not to buy [name removed] [name removed] home.

Verified Homeowner
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, on Sep 20, 2022

Likes: customer service is always available when needed even if outcome is not as desired. [name removed] and [name removed] work hard and are always available. They need better support from leadership. Dislikes: So many issues that could have been avoided, and fixes are slow to be addressed. Does not make me confident in the quality of the house. Trades didn't seem to care much in the quality of work. Causing the build to always be 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Opportunities for process improvement would catch obvious mistakes. [name removed] is the Warranty Contact and has been helpful. We have a long list that he is working on scheduling. Overall, I think Princeton Classic could improve with better control over trades and process improvement which requires better support from leadership...

Verified Homeowner
Porter, TX, on Sep 19, 2022

[Translated from ES] Everything was excellent and good attention

Verified Homeowner

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