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Laredo, Tx, on May 24, 2023

[name removed] was always very helpful. He was always committed to going above and beyond in his service. The only issues I had was with the shower not draining properly and my property lines were not marked.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, Tx, on May 19, 2023

[Translated from ES] The kindness of all

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on May 17, 2023

Promising certain services or products if you buy a home should be something sales person should do i they plan to never deliver.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on May 17, 2023

It’s been one repair after another, the biggest being a foundation issue that has not been repaired. All this after multiple mistakes made through the building process.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, Tx, on May 17, 2023

Everything was good, even the lenders part was very excellent. Just our sales person was alright

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, Tx, on May 16, 2023

I love the house that we chose every one is very happy with the space that we have.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on May 13, 2023

[Translated from ES] The design and distribution of areas within the house

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, Tx, on May 11, 2023

Liked everything. Process was fast. Nothing bad to say about anything

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, Tx, on May 08, 2023

The Distinguishing factor as to why my Experience was as great as it was is due to my Sales Representative Mr. [name removed]. Anytime I felt something wasn’t right, I would reach out and he would get it corrected. I feel that such a big purchase requires an attentive representative and that’s exactly what I got with Mr. [name removed]! I also must give my props to the house supervisor [name removed] who either showed up himself or get someone to attend to my concerns. They are a dynamic duo that helped get our home to the way we wanted it to be!

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, Tx, on May 06, 2023

[Translated from ES] They were very kind and met my expectations.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on May 06, 2023

It was an amazing experience for my first time buying a home:).

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on May 01, 2023

Bad quality homes! They do not fix their warranty pending items.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on Apr 30, 2023

I disliked the fact that warranty claims were not promptly and affectively resolved.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on Apr 28, 2023

Too many claims to start the year. 1-2 weeks scheduled for maintenance.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on Apr 25, 2023

It's good

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on Apr 24, 2023

Several issues weren’t solved

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on Apr 23, 2023

I have not gotten any help on issues the hiuse has had since before the move in date. Such as leaks.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on Apr 08, 2023

Sales rep would call me every week for updates on the house, but then stopped. On closing day he didn’t even show up to the closing and just left the keys to my house inside my house because he had a commitment with his son. My deposit needed to be given back since it wasn’t deducted at closing it took over two weeks for me to get it back. Window hasn’t been fixed and water filter has not been installed guy came by once unannounced and never came back even though we said come back tomorrow. Now that it’s rained we realize we need gutters water falls right at the entrance of the house so who ever is entering is getting all the water from the roof.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on Apr 01, 2023

They left sawdust under the stove, and dishwasher was not secured right. When A/C stopped working, A/C technician stated they had placed the wrong box for the breaker, that it was to low of a voltage for the A/C capacity.

Verified Homeowner
Laredo, TX, on Mar 27, 2023

Every warranty issue has been quickly repaired and repaired right. Every interaction with customer service has been fantastic

Verified Homeowner

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For Over 25 Years, View Homes has been crafting quality homes in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

We have been recognized by many organizations for our quality homes, customer experience and dedication to our community. While we are pleased with recognition, we are most proud of the solid foundation and values our company is based on. Our goals go beyond numbers and metrics. We are dedicated to providing the best customer journey and home building experience through compassion, commitment to excellence, honesty and collaboration.

We are committed to building you a place to call home, a place to create memories with family and friends, which will forever be the best view.

View Homes – Building Life’s Greatest View

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