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Lochbuie, CO, on Feb 02, 2023

It was easy and on time.T om and his team were very transparent and diligent in getting us in our home.

Verified Homeowner
Lochbuie, CO, on Feb 01, 2023

Pretty easy to hold off staff

Verified Homeowner
Lochbuie, CO, on Jan 31, 2023

Everything! The [name removed] home team was very friendly and communicative throughout the whole process

Verified Homeowner
Mead, CO, on Jan 30, 2023

The homes, although costly, are poor quality and poorly executed construction. Things were done with little attention to detail and overall poor quality.

Verified Homeowner
Lochbuie, CO, on Jan 28, 2023

I truly appreciate [name removed] and [name removed] for working so hard to follow up though I think it's not strictly in their job description. But I do hope more people will be hired to alleviate their work load and the warranty backlog.

Verified Homeowner
Severance, CO, on Jan 28, 2023

Working with [name removed] has been the high point of purchasing our home. [name removed] has provided and excellent experience for us throughout the process!

Verified Homeowner
Mead, CO, on Jan 25, 2023

I loved the premium build options already included in the pricing and the options to change the color pallets. It made the buying process smooth and easy and it didn't over complicate everything by sending us to a design studio and being completely overwhelmed by options. Which in turn changes the prices dramatically and catches the buyer off-guard. The warranty team has been amazing and responds very quickly to any issues. It really gave me peace of mind and trust knowing that any issues would be resolved. My only ding on my satisfaction was lack of information from the salesman and available options. I had no clue that having the backyard landscaped was an option. I was told it would be just dirt and unfinished and I had a fixed period of time to complete the yard. After moving in I realized this was an option after talking to my neighbors and I was really upset by it. However this does not represent Horizon [name removed] as a whole, just one customer service representative who made an error. I am very pleased with the home and I'm happy with Horizon view homes!

Verified Homeowner
Severance, CO, on Jan 23, 2023


Verified Homeowner
Severance, AZ, on Jan 21, 2023

Liked the fact [name removed] was so informative about every update going on with the house. He took pictures for us to see, since we lived out of state. He called or texted us pictures of all of the important stages of the home being built. [name removed] has been awesome through the whole experience and still continues to check up on us, even though we've already moved in etc. Disliked that we were left guessing about some of the numbers on the closing costs, etc on the mortgage side of things. Initially our questions were answered quickly with [name removed], and then once we locked our rate, he rarely got back to us. At our closing, we didn't know we had to have certain things done prior b/c there was no communication from him. We're still uncertain about some things...

Verified Homeowner
Windsor, CO, on Jan 16, 2023

Follow up issues were difficult to get scheduled AND for your contractors to keep their appointments with me. I was stood up about 3 times. We have items we taped in the first 30 days and were told by [name removed] it would be things taken care in our one-year follow up. We still have not heard from you for that follow up.

Verified Homeowner
Windsor, CO, on Jan 15, 2023

[name removed] sales agent was fantastic. Great commumication

Verified Homeowner
Lochbuie, CO, on Jan 08, 2023

It seems hard to communicate with the warranty department. It takes weeks to get things repaired or answes. I've had to communicate with the orientation specialist [name removed] to get stuff done. If it wasn't for her I'm not sure if we would've got the work done.

Verified Homeowner
Severance, CO, on Dec 29, 2022

Several items are not complete that were brought up, a hole in the roof of the garage for craw space was cut out and just left not finished, cabinet doors warped vent under roof missing guards, out side hose tap not fitted correct and just spins.

Verified Homeowner
Mead, CO, on Dec 27, 2022

I disliked that they rushed the build at the end, so they didn’t have to pay taxes. I’m doing so, we are now having to have issues fixed. Also, when the warranty dept. was ran by [name removed], things didn’t get fixed. It is going on a year now to just get stuff fixed. [name removed] also held the blue tape hostage during the walk through in hopes we wouldn’t mark things up.

Verified Homeowner
Severance, CO, on Dec 23, 2022

[name removed] sales staff was great. [name removed] contractors you hirer are by far the worst I've seen in 35 years of construction. Hirer some skilled trades people if you want the quality product you advertise.

Verified Homeowner
Windsor, CO, on Dec 22, 2022

I enjoyed working with [name removed], our salesperson. I dislike the "thrown together" condition of the house. I am disappointed in the quality especially for a $650K house. We have engaged the warranty team so time will tell if the issues will be resolved.

Verified Homeowner
Lochbuie, CO, on Dec 17, 2022

I liked the updates about the home via email.

Verified Homeowner
Lochbuie, CO, on Nov 28, 2022

That I did not get my referral bonus

Verified Homeowner
Windsor, CO, on Nov 13, 2022

Process takes too long for warranty work.

Verified Homeowner
Lochbuie, CO, on Nov 07, 2022

It was easy process from Financing to closing construction team always willing to help answer all my questions .

Verified Homeowner

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