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Parker, TX, on Jan 22, 2022

[name removed] was very professional and responsive however the rest of the build process was extremely frustrating and stressful. We had to point out multiple errors in construction. We feel like the crew building our house cut a lot of corners. The quality of the home wasn’t what we expected and in the end we had to settle for poor quality wood floors, curved walls, poor paint job on walls.

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jan 19, 2022

[name removed] has been truly amazing! I have always heard it can take months before things are fixed on a home after it's closed because of having to go through the warranty program to get things done but [name removed] is on top of it! We had a ceiling leak in our brand new home in my office recently, and water was all over the floor obviously creating a panic for both my husband and I. I contacted [name removed] through the warranty portal and he was all over it! He had a plumber out there within an hour and also had the ceiling fixed by the following week. I was so impressed at how quick [name removed] took care of everything that it truly makes me feel at ease now knowing how responsive the warranty service is. [name removed] has also been "[name removed] on the spot" with other issues that we have had since moving in. We are so thankful that we have [name removed] to deal with because he is truly wonderful. I feel a lot more at ease knowing the response time we get when dealing with any issues we have had. Another thing I truly appreciate about [name removed] is that he always follows-up after anything has been reported to make sure we are satisfied with the end result. He always has a can do attitude and makes us laugh even in the middle of a stressful situation. [name removed] is truly an asset to [name removed] and we are so lucky we have him to assist us!

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jan 18, 2022

[name removed] was extremely well Organized and kept me fully informed throughout the entire build process.

Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Jan 18, 2022

We love the quality and details that were put into our home!

Verified Homeowner
Parker, TX, on Jan 15, 2022

We loved [name removed]. We had a horrible time with [name removed], but [name removed] saved our experience and really got everything back on track. [name removed] was always available and beyond helpful always with a positive attitude.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 14, 2022

Sales [name removed] was supposed to send weekly Communication - Which Didn't happen and on top of which she Said at least you are getting your home. Most things were not told or transparent. Example : Missed Placing windows order till March , but was told that they are placed in December 2020 itself. They are a ton of things. [name removed] Appointment : My [name removed] Appointment was postponed by [name removed] consultant which pushed me into the crowd and I have to wait for 6 more months to get to Home. Options were not walked through even after we asked for. Builder [name removed] : The least that we talk about him the better it is. He doesn't remember or takes notes on what is discussed and agreed upon in the previous meetings.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jan 14, 2022

There were few hardships and things I don't like being totally not flexible and the project took almost 15 months to complete etc.. and I understand these are tough times and at the end I'm okay and happy to finally close and move-in.

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jan 13, 2022

Clear communication and path, mostly. Might be nice to explain whether an appliance purchased with the home should go to the manufacturer or [name removed] with a claim before wasting time on the wrong path.

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jan 12, 2022

90% of the warranty services / care are promptly addressed. However, there were a couple of requests that were pushed back / denied stating it was something to be dealt with construction manager (who is not working on this site anymore).

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jan 11, 2022

Very good experience. Only thing I don't feel comfortable with is the quality of the kitchen cabinets paint...

Verified Homeowner

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For 50 years, Shaddock Homes has specialized in the creation of luxury homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer a variety of innovative and inspiring new home designs and are constantly striving to provide a level of exterior and interior craftsmanship that distinguishes us from other Dallas homebuilders.

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