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Prosper, TX, on Jun 20, 2024

My tickets are addressed mostly on time, the major concern is amount of issues which we found, weren't expecting the quality to be suboptimal with [name removed].

Verified Homeowner
McKinney, TX, on Jun 19, 2024

[name removed] is great!

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jun 19, 2024

The time that is taking to redo the driveway…

Verified Homeowner
McKinney, TX, on Jun 18, 2024

Build quality is great. [name removed] did a great job. We faced the issue with delay in delivery of the house. Which was the case with most of the home buyers in [name removed] [name removed].

Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Jun 17, 2024

I like everything!

Verified Homeowner
Westworth Village, TX, on Jun 16, 2024

Overall finishes were subpar - paint on plate covers and overspray on flooring, awful paint job on cabinets (drips, roller and brush marks), terrible concrete finishing (splatter all over brick and surface chipping/flaking out), insulation in ceiling that had fallen out and was never replaced prior to drywall install, tile floor with hollow spots, floating LVP floor was not prepped well and there are multiple large areas that have air pockets and click when stepped on (which according to their "flooring expert" is a normal finding - NO, the crew did not check for low spots prior to laying planks!), poor tile/grout install on showers, crap landscapers (LandPro) their sales guy [name removed] was terrible to work with and the crew just threw down sod without prepping soil. Build timeline took about 9 months from breaking ground to completion which is about average. [name removed] was lazy and didn't supervise well/looked the other way and tolerated crap workmanship, disgusting job site with trash everywhere (including a literal pile of crap on top of a toilet flange plug which I asked to be cleaned up and it eventually was - 3 weeks later!). Painters washing their brushes in our black kitchen sink (a $1200 upgrade through [name removed] but can be found online for $500-600). The list goes on and on. A lot of features [name removed] advertised on their "luxury" flyer was not done, such as Taexx in-wall pest control, etc. Exterior sheathing is a joke, it is literally a cardboard sheet which gets taped to provide the "air barrier". You would think a semi-custom home builder would use Zip system sheathing at the minimum, but they said that product is too expensive, which is ironic since the smallest floorplan in my subdivision (a single story, 4 bedroom) starts at over $700k. [name removed] the CM was a joy to work with and was communicative, flexible with certain requests, and made sure we were happy. Really wish we had him from the beginning. However, overall, the execution was mediocre due to low quality work regarding finishes and we had to spend a great deal of time cleaning up after we moved in.

Verified Homeowner
Lucas, TX, on Jun 15, 2024

i liked their prompt service, timely response

Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Jun 14, 2024

I don't have good experience with the builder [name removed] throughout the build. He always wants to finish his work but he don't care about customer satisfaction. I'm not satisfied with his work and final finish of my home.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jun 14, 2024

We had a very disappointing experience before signing this agreement. Shaddock Sales Manager [name removed] initially agreed to provide the incentives and confirmed the final amount. However, the very next day, she informed us that she could not sell the house for the specified amount. A week later, we contacted [name removed] again and agreed to pay the updated market price. She provided us with the available lot numbers, and we accepted and prepared to sign for Lot #5. After two days of waiting for the contract, [name removed] informed us that Lot #5 was no longer available and that she would not be sending the contract. We were then forced to switch to Lot #7. I am sorry to say that my experience with [name removed] has been extremely frustrating. I never expected such unprofessional behavior from Shaddock, and I cannot recommend them to anyone.

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jun 14, 2024

There are so many things outstanding that were not fixed as committed that I can't list them all. The quality of the work done by your contractors is questionable. Going back to the beginning we had a less than impressive experience with your Design Center. As the house went up there we many avoidable errors that were made. We were pressured to close with promised that all would be done by closing. That did not happen. My wife is an realtor with good relationships with both Tradition and Highland Homes. She knows what is expected from new builds. [name removed] fell short. One bright area on your team was [name removed]. He deserves a 10 rating for jumping thru hoops to help us. [name removed] at [name removed] lighting was also very responsive. As far as the rest of the [name removed] team, I have little positive to report.

Verified Homeowner

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For 50 years, Shaddock Homes has specialized in the creation of luxury homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer a variety of innovative and inspiring new home designs and are constantly striving to provide a level of exterior and interior craftsmanship that distinguishes us from other Dallas homebuilders.

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