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Frisco, TX, on Aug 07, 2020

Overall was good experience , I would expect more help on selecting tiles and etc. [name removed] rosebero to and [name removed] has been extremely helpful wherever needed , I would thanks them for all the support.

Verified Homeowner
Parker, TX, on Aug 07, 2020

Loved my building manager, [name removed]. He treated this house as if it was his own. Was very accessible, responsive and extremely courteous.

Verified Homeowner
Mckinney, TX, on Aug 06, 2020

Missed dates, changed person in charge 3 times, first and last one were awesome- one in between should not be working for your company

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Aug 06, 2020

We like the fact that the construction was fast and we very happy with the timeline.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Aug 06, 2020

Enjoyed the emails on the updates of the process once building started. Dislike the lack of options at the design studio.

Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Aug 06, 2020

easy to work with, professional, friendly

Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Aug 06, 2020

Nothing in particular.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Aug 05, 2020

We're very thankful that [name removed] met our price and helped us with closing costs--kudos to [name removed]. [name removed], [name removed] & [name removed] at Capital Title were also helpful. Thanks also to [name removed] who, as promised, replaced a dead tree in the front yard, had work done on the backsplash, and pointed out scratches in the patio glass doors before we moved in.

Verified Homeowner
Parker, TX, on Jul 24, 2020

The build process was frustratingly awful compared to the rest of the experience. Home building, no matter what, is both a rush of excitement and terror. Most of the staff at [name removed] was really good at showcasing a high level of transparency. They helped us understand the balance that is at play between various trades and factors. During pre-sales and design process, we never felt like anyone tried to up-sell to us and instead worked to understand our needs and that our wishes were met. They were genuine and honest. The build process was anything but that. We understand trades can be lazy. We understand that nothing is ever perfect. Most of [name removed] staff didn't try to hide the complexities of home building, and instead embraced a level of transparency that is quite refreshing and helped instill a spirit of partnership. The culture among the construction management was anything but that. Excuses and lies and lack of any essence of transparency. Stories that changed as soon as we visited in person, or CC'd management on emails. We could not trust the most important part of our home building experience. While this may very well be the blame of a single bad actor, I have not seen any sign of management taking responsibility or recognizing an outage. We have shared stories with neighbors and others and it is obvious this experience is not unique to us. Moving to post-move in and warranty stage. While [name removed] was here I submitted 5-6 warranty requests that got the run around for months. Several phone calls, no updates. Some things fixed and scheduled with trades showing up with no notice. Finally once [name removed] took over he got things squared away almost immediately. And with the same transparency, honesty, and partnership mentality we experienced with most [name removed] staff. Overall, [name removed] has been very difficult to work with, and has had the most repeat visits for warranty work.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jul 23, 2020

Couple things they promised but not fulfil

Verified Homeowner

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For 50 years, Shaddock Homes has specialized in the creation of luxury homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer a variety of innovative and inspiring new home designs and are constantly striving to provide a level of exterior and interior craftsmanship that distinguishes us from other Dallas homebuilders.

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