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Frisco, TX, on Jun 22, 2022

The warranty service is always available whenever we find any issues of our house. The online process is very effective and efficient. And the customer service contact for our community is very friendly and always willing to help.

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jun 18, 2022

Communication was excellent from what to do next to the walk though’s and fix requests!

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jun 16, 2022

Having 3 different builders.

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jun 15, 2022


Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Jun 14, 2022

[name removed] has been great and very quick to respond.

Verified Homeowner
Allen, TX, on Jun 10, 2022

Everything was great, it was a pleasure to build my first new house with shaddock homes.

Verified Homeowner
Prosper, TX, on Jun 10, 2022

Likes: Great employees. [name removed] did a great job of ensuring everything is taken care of and delivered on time . [name removed] was always on top of things and very responsive. Dislikes: 1. A broken window frame was patched instead of replacement. 2. The workmanship on the external brick is VERY bad 3. The paint job on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets is below average

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jun 09, 2022

We were handed over the house close to 19 months after contract was signed. Part of the delay was with Covid. But we lost lot of time because of the previous sales representative [name removed] opting wrong color windows for us.

Verified Homeowner
Frisco, TX, on Jun 08, 2022

We relied on [name removed] and just went about buying the home. In terms of our experience, [name removed] (Sales) has been fantastic, [name removed] is very accommodating and helpful. It will be great if Interior [name removed] has some extra time before the appointment

Verified Homeowner
Celina, TX, on Jun 08, 2022

I mean this genuinely, [name removed] is one of the most pleasant and responsive individuals I've worked with. A customer service expert!

Verified Homeowner

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For 50 years, Shaddock Homes has specialized in the creation of luxury homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer a variety of innovative and inspiring new home designs and are constantly striving to provide a level of exterior and interior craftsmanship that distinguishes us from other Dallas homebuilders.

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