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Jan 2023 - Jul 2024

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Purchase Experience Testimonials from Real Homebuyers

Muncie, IN, on Apr 02, 2023

Our sales rep was awful. Century complete did not meet the time frame we were promised, by our sales rep, so my family of 5 had to spend 35 days in a hotel room, after moving across country, which cost us thousands of dollars, tons of stress and many sleepless nights.

Verified Homeowner
Muncie, IN, on Mar 05, 2023

The purchase experience was good. However, the closing process was unacceptable. The builders were unable to meet our deadline twice for closing and because of that we were charged an extension fee for our loan. Also, during the final walk through we have discovered multiple areas in the house that needed to be fixed and the builders were unable to finish it before closing. Now we are still trying to work with the builders on finishing the punch list that needed to be done. Very unprofessional and this needs to be fixed.

Verified Homeowner
Muncie, IN, on Feb 08, 2023

The closing was rushed to be finalized prior to the end of the year for the benefit of the builder. [name removed] use, we were not in a hurry.

Verified Homeowner
Parker City, IN, on Jan 31, 2023

Contract was easy, but nothing from them since. No walk through and the house isn't complete

Verified Homeowner
Muncie, IN, on Nov 29, 2022

First day of move In had to file a warranty claim for plumbing. Final grade of lawn left a bit to be desired. Some fit/finish had room for improvements. Short of those items everything went well

Verified Homeowner
Muncie, IN, on Oct 22, 2022

All of the updates were about 2 weeks off. The build quality is sub par. Things don’t line up, building materials are cheap, walls are not square, doors don’t seal completely, windows have no screens, home has been completed for a month and landscaping isn’t completed.

Verified Homeowner
Muncie, IN, on Aug 16, 2022

Since we were not able to select any of the features or options for the home, we were a little frustrated with not knowing exactly what to expect (lot size, water type, colors, and general information). We asked for some of that information and we were given different information at different times. We were under the impression once we moved in that we would have some sort of filter for the well water and that was not the case either, it was a water pump. Commitments: Before closing we noticed that the refrigerator was not included and we reached out to Century homes, they provided one as it was mentioned in the ad from Zillow, we also noted that the front of the house was incomplete, missing some details, and they corrected that also.

Verified Homeowner
Muncie, IN, on Aug 08, 2022

Lack of communication

Verified Homeowner
Marion, IN, on Jun 21, 2022

[name removed] was a complete jerk, as though she didn’t even want us to purchase the home; she was yelling at the top of her voice not only to my husband demanding he apply for the in house lender even though we began the process very clearly pre approved for financing and never indicated otherwise, she also got into a yelling match with the manager of our lending company - VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and bullying. The home itself is bottom of the barrel in regard to workmanship and quality; our water for instance is barely lukewarm, our yard will apparently be finished (rough, chunky, unusable dirt right now) sometime within the next TWO YEARS?!? Our kids have no place to be outside because of the company’s nonchalance about a home that was supposed to be ready to sell, cabinets were installed illogically with cabinets opening into the wrong way, bathroom and other doors are unable to be closed or opened because they were hung poorly, the siding will leak and mold because fittings were installed in front of rather than correctly behind the vinyl….I could go on and on, but it’s bare minimum to sell a house. Horrible “quality”.

Verified Homeowner
Marion, IN, on Jun 15, 2022

There was a lack of communication in many areas and the punchlist was not completed prior to move-in. There were many items that were not complete and poorly completed. The wrong keys were given to me, defective equipment was in the property, emergency claims due to water leakage and the HVAC were not returned for days, etc.

Verified Homeowner
Dunkirk, IN, on Apr 01, 2022

I was promised a review of the flooring after move in due to the poor quality and was informed any replacements would be covered under the warranty which turned out to be incorrect, I was also promised the paint colors which have still not been provided after numerous attempts to gain this information

Verified Homeowner