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Purchase Experience Testimonials from Real Homebuyers

LaBelle, FL, on Jul 10, 2024

I liked everything about my purchase,the people that helped me really nice!

Verified Homeowner
Port Labelle, FL, on Jun 08, 2024

[Translated from ES] All

Verified Homeowner
Port Labelle, FL, on Jun 07, 2024

I liked that everything went really smooth

Verified Homeowner
Port Labelle, FL, on Apr 22, 2024

1) I liked dealing with the Sales personnel such as [name removed] and then later on in the process, [name removed]. Their service was exceptional and is the highlight of my experience. 2) Another positive from Century is the constant online Construction updates. 3) And not to seem ungrateful to God, I just give thanks that the house itself looks good HOWEVER a) The closing process was traumatic as communication was so minimal and delayed. My questions were not addressed in a timely manner. Luckily I could call [name removed] in Sales and air my concerns and frustration. NB: I closed way in the evening and got key access to the house when it was dusk. b) No one at Century Homes told me that the windows would come WITHOUT mesh screenIng. c) I'm trying to source a suitable Washer and Dryer that can fit in the laundry room and so far without any success. d) It seems that the landscaper had planned to come back to complete the front lawn but has clearly forgotten to return. it's not done well and doesn't look good in comparison to the other two Century Complete homes built beside mine. It really upsets me to look at it and I would expect to be treated equally as the other Century Home buyers - my neighbors. e) Century never advised me at anytime that the garage would be left unpainted. I only found this out a few days prior to closing. Things like this should be pointed out to avoid surprises just like the absence of basic Mesh screens on all the windows. NB: I have not moved in yet and I pray that my all will be well and that there will be no unnecessary challenges.

Verified Homeowner
Port Labelle, FL, on Mar 31, 2024

the construction manager was inept and in a rush for personal matters he was trying to get to on our final walk, i am in the trades and a dog and pony show is not what new home owners want to see or hear

Verified Homeowner
Port Labelle, FL, on Mar 28, 2024

[name removed] was really thorough pleased with everything. [name removed]. Was excellent. Thank you for helping us [name removed] I miss our phone calls.

Verified Homeowner
Immokalee, FL, on Feb 24, 2024

All was great

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Jan 13, 2024

The process was horrible. During the entire process we barley spoke to anyone. The house was constantly delayed. No one would respond. The customer service is horrible. We deposited on the house in Dec 2022. I was told that the house would be ready in July 2023. This was an absolute lie. Every time I reached out they stated still set for july....then July rolls around and nothing....then an email saying august.....then August rolls around and they skip Sept and say October. Then November......then before Christmas...and finally the end of the year we get the house. We had anticipated becuase of the promises that we would only be living with family for 2 months, this turned into 7 months. We could not rent an apartment bc it would affect credit, so we were stuck. We were blessed that family allowed us to stay. Also bc of the time waiting we could not lock a rate which caused for a higher rate mortgage. We plead with the company and everything was no, no , no. Not once did the company ever offer anything for our lose of time or inconvenience due to there promises not being met. Not even a f***,ing refrigerator, that would have been the least they could have. I promise that I will make sure no one uses this company that I know. They do not care about customers and do not keep any of there promises....what a disappointment.....they never had to break it to the kids that we will not have the house ever month....it was terrible. Honestly this was the worst experience I have ever been through, and will never use this company again. The only one who kept a promise was [name removed], and then the company moves him off the project. We had I think 4 diffrent project managers...only spoke with one and then met the last one the week we are suppose to close. [name removed] did a good job with what he had to work with. I know that this will fall deaf ears but the company needs to fix how it treats people...this is not a car or couch they are buying its where someone needs to live.

Verified Homeowner
Port Labelle, FL, on Jan 05, 2024

We liked the builder gave us more credits twords our closing and disliked how the title company did us at closing day.

Verified Homeowner
LaBelle, FL, on Jan 05, 2024

[Translated from ES] I didn't receive anything that I can point to.

Verified Homeowner
LaBelle, FL, on Dec 27, 2023

I like everything they are very helpful and willing to help you

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Dec 09, 2023

The communication was great. They fixed all of the things we asked to be done.

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Oct 22, 2023

Honestly this whole process was a nightmare from the beginning ! The home was supposed to done in March and we just closed 3 weeks ago. Horrible communication, no one is EVER on the same page and even after closing we are still experiencing issues with the home because things were not finished in a timely manner. Loan extensions we made like 3 times which meant more down payment at cash to close. It’s very unfair especially for me who bought my first home with these people. They are not realistic even when you ask legit questions they just run around in circles . They WILL not be in communication with you , you have to basically ANNOY them for answers . They hardly EVER answer the phone, and give you no information on the phone. Absolutely traumatized from the first time home buying experience for me ! 10/10 would never recommend this company at all.

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Oct 11, 2023

There were a lot of ups and downs, as I'm sure the home purchasing process is; both for the Builder and Consumer. During the entire time, I learned to trust in the Lord even more and was able to BUILD some wonderful relationships that have a lot more meaning than brick and mortar. There were some issues that could've been handled somewhat differently by the subs, but overall the way the journey ended was very special. It kinda made the early challenges seem less significant.

Verified Homeowner
Port Labelle, FL, on Sep 06, 2023

I like the lay out of the home, but when we move to the house the AC wasn't working corrected. The master bedroom tub has a crack. The vinyl floor all along the edge was not done correctly you can see all the edges of when the cut was at. There were lots of ants and other bugs inside the house when we moved in after closing.

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Jul 19, 2023

There was NO contact, NO purchase experience from you.

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Apr 02, 2023

It took almost 2 years to build this home

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Mar 26, 2022

The lack of communication and transparency was the worst part of this process. Sales rep did not communicate with myself or realtor. When ask about progress or different things she would say everything was done or completed but once I went to the site I would find the things not complete. I was told that my home was complete and that the CO for my home could not be process for to the other home not being completed .Once I called the county I found out that my home still had things that were complete also . During the closing I was originally told that I would have to find a place to sign my closing documents because my sales rep was on vacation. Overall I was given the run around about a lot of things and was not told the full truth about this process. I have currently moved into the home and there are still things on the punch list that have not been completed.

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Mar 21, 2022

No Refrigerator

Verified Homeowner
Lehigh Acres, FL, on Jan 25, 2022

I still waiting for the garage remote

Verified Homeowner