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Mar 2023 - Jul 2024

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  • Meadowood Estates


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  • Muirfield


    Michigan W - 7 Homeowner Reviews

  • River Oaks


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  • Woodridge


    Michigan W - 4 Homeowner Reviews

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Part of Century Communities, one of the nation's leading homebuilders, we're proud to offer quality and affordable new homes in desirable markets throughout the country—available through our groundbreaking and convenient online homebuying experience.

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Purchase Experience Testimonials from Real Homebuyers

Watervliet, MI, on May 10, 2024

[name removed] was super responsive. Same with [name removed].

Verified Homeowner
Lawton, MI, on May 05, 2024

Timing was a bit hectic but overall got it done

Verified Homeowner
Watervliet, MI, on Apr 13, 2024


Verified Homeowner
Kalamazoo, MI, on Apr 05, 2024

Incompetence. Delays, not follow the contract. Arrogance of the VP of sales.

Verified Homeowner
Kalamazoo, MI, on Mar 14, 2024

Like how fast the process was

Verified Homeowner
Lawton, MI, on Nov 20, 2023

The purchase process was mediocre at best, there were many shortfalls. There were many issues with the actual property including lack of handles on any drawers, lack of mailbox, lack of window screens, no fridge, the recessed lights in the entire house are terrible and need to be replaced. The builders did a poor job with the deck and it still is not up to code despite agreement for repairs. Also, utility company phone numbers listed for hookups were incorrect and the property was registered at the wrong address and lot number with the power company. There were also several delays caused by a lack of any meaningful updates in progress from the builders and sales team. These cost us a couple thousand dollars short notice in travel expenses and arrangements having to be made because we weren't notified of the orientation until two days prior, which also delayed closing. The delayed closing cost us a couple more thousand due to another entire trip that would have been unnecessary had we had the orientation and closing in a timely fashion. The only saving grace was the price was competitive and the interest rates were exceptional. However, Century Complete's own website listed the house at 10k less, and when we contacted their financing team, they told us that their own website was incorrect. This seemed like a bait and switch tactic that lost us better interest rates and almost made us walk.

Verified Homeowner
Watervliet, MI, on Nov 04, 2023

I enjoyed the entire experience

Verified Homeowner
Kalamazoo, MI, on Oct 11, 2023

From the very start communication has been a huge challenge. We even were drafted paperwork and almost signed on a lot that was inaccurate, causing us to miss the lot we really wanted and then had to settle for our current home. I felt like I had to advocate (“Karen”) for everything. All the way through closing was an absolute disorganized nightmare.

Verified Homeowner
Watervliet, MI, on Aug 18, 2023

SO MANY PEOPLE needing different things. I had so many contacts to keep track of and never knew who to actually get a hold of for what

Verified Homeowner
Kalamazoo, MI, on Aug 18, 2023

Disliked increasing the sale price after I placed a bid

Verified Homeowner
Kalamazoo, MI, on Jul 19, 2023

The loan and closing process were not ideal.

Verified Homeowner
Watervliet, MI, on Jun 30, 2023

There are still some bumps and bruises from the construction phase that we’ll clean up. Biggest issue was day one thr water heater was fried so had to immediately replace that

Verified Homeowner
Kalamazoo, MI, on Jun 17, 2023

The communication

Verified Homeowner
Kalamazoo, MI, on Apr 29, 2023

Still waiting on some things to be completed. Yard, deck, noticed slow draining in master shower, etc. Planning to contact rep on monday.

Verified Homeowner