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The Kolter Group is among the most experienced real estate investors in the Southeast, having executed investments across major asset classes and all stages of the development cycle. Our portfolio of complementary businesses drives an entrepreneurial culture and allows us to adapt to change and choose investments on a selective basis.

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL, on May 24, 2022

Excellent team. [name removed], [name removed], [name removed], and [name removed], great job!

Verified Homeowner
Port Saint Lucie, FL, on May 24, 2022

Construction Manager is unqualified to supervise the building of any home particularly one with so many upgrades such as ours. From simple things such as knowing what a “french drain” is, through more complex matters involving purchasing and supervision of the trades, he failed us every step of the way. His failures has resulted in: Sliding doors that do not close nor open, front door with gaps, all other doors put on incorrectly, interior walls not painted, installation of pavers that were discolored and pavers were further damaged by painters and the epoxy floor team. The expoxy floor failed and he was unaware of it. The closing team had to have it re-done. The pavers were never properly power washed and are ruined. He lied about having the home cleaned 6 times prior to closing. Left tub that was filled with water to test the pressure by the plumbers unattended for 4 months. The tub was left with all the debris from when the drywall and the cement was left in tub forming a toxic slush. The tub was cleaned immediately prior to our walk thru but it was stained and rusted. We had to have it changed out at our expense. Carpeting was installed prior to the walls being finished and sanded. At the time, there were no windows in the house and no doors and the carpets were ruined and had to be removed after closing and our expense. Upon removal we found the floor of the front guest room with 3” of dirt and debris. The caning on the door was supposed to be black and he accepted them in silver. The second tier cabinets were supposed to have glass doors and he accepted them without glass and did not move to correct the problem. Our design consultant [name removed] had to correct the problem. He did not properly review the addendum and ordered garage doors for an elevation B instead of an elevation E. The delay in ordering the correct doors resulted in us getting the paneled garage doors we paid extra for. We selected alabaster Mapei grout for our upgraded floors and they put in grey. The floors were supposed to be 1/8” in grout lines and some of them are and most are not. He told us he was going to close the house December 31st, then January 18, then March 10 then he said we could not close because the condenser was on back order. When the condenser was installed he was unaware of it. It is clear that he never supervised anyone nor anything. He is an admitted con man and assigning him to build the house of an 80 year old retired NYPD Police Captain was not the right thing to do. He has slandered my wife to our neighbors. Calling her a “micromanager” and saying that in 30 years of building he had never been micromanaged. This is my 10th home and I know has never built a home. He presented us with business card with his name and his title was Project Manager of Canopy Creek but he could not articulate why he was now building houses in PGA [name removed]. This list represents the highlights of the condition of the house. We have not put any blue tape on things that need to be repaired because to do so would make the house look like a crime scene. We have assumed most of the expenses of correcting the cosmetic problems but live in constant fear of the problems we cannot see particularly those potential problems involving the structure of the house. As I type this I am looking at a wall with a 1 1/2” bow in the middle.

Verified Homeowner
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, on May 20, 2022

The purchase experience was acceptable outside of the lack of negotiation. I also found the desing expereience to be excellent. The part that was awful was the build - the lack of hitting timelines was just unacceptable and confirmed by our closing agent when she told us that they were prioritizing homes based on hitting numbers versus first in, first out. I have been in sales and marketing for 25 years and found the persistent lies to be extremely unacceptable. And then, to only get into the home to find several issues weren't remedied which is apparently everyone's fault but [name removed]. As an aside, I do want to recognize the team that helped us close

Verified Homeowner
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, on May 19, 2022

I could write an essay about the horrific experience we had with building this home. I believe, because you are governed by local and state codes, that the structural portion of our home is good quality. The quality stops there. The management and oversight of the construction and the sub contractors was non existent. The home was turned over to us with a 2 page punch list outstanding and filthy. I have never seen a new home that does not get cleaned prior to turn over.

Verified Homeowner
Port Saint Lucie, FL, on May 16, 2022

[Translated from ES] On time delivery, very professional and friendly throughout the process

Verified Homeowner
Port Saint Lucie, FL, on May 14, 2022

Building process was slow, communication was bad, complaints were not resolved in a manner to make the customer feel as if they were valued. [name removed] a professional company.

Verified Homeowner
Port Saint Lucie, FL, on May 13, 2022

The time period in which we purchased our home was a trying time given the chain supply issues, worker shortages, and other logistical and financial obstacles. it was definitely a challenge coordinating and financing all of the delays the amounted to an additional 5 months, but many of these delays were out of many controls. Our initial purchasing experience with [name removed] went very smoothly and [name removed] attended to our questions and concerns with knowledge and expedience. The online [name removed] made it very easy to sign necessary papers and provide funds when necessary so we were able to continue our daily lives without concern. The design phase was a bit daunting but it was helpful to get input and ideas from the many models available to us and or design coordinator. My only issue with this phase has more to do with the lack of available alterations and options such as using other space for an expanded pantry or stand alone tubs or a guest bath sink with was not a pedestal sink. Some of the options just were a bit outdated. In addition, the landscaping that was included in the house was not the best laid out plan and much of the beds need to be redone, which is a high expense at move-in time. The building process was very pleasant, aside from the chain supply issues and delays. Our construction manager, [name removed], was extremely helpful, communicative, and flexible. From the very beginning he continued to update us promptly on the status of the build to the multitude of delays that were out of his control. One time when the house was ready for the walk through prior to drywall we were out on a family vacation and he worked his schedule around when we would be available for a FaceTime call to do the walk through. He was extremely nice and thorough showing us every detail. We left the call feeling out home was in good hands. As the build progressed [name removed] at all times responded to any questions I had. Many times I would have family requesting updated pictures of something and I was ask [name removed] if and when he had a moment to send a picture .... I would get that picture within the hour. Another time I was shopping for light fixtures out of town and needed to verify the exact measurement of my ceilings. Again, I got those measurements quickly and was able to purchase my light while I was at the store out of town. We stayed pretty patient during the numerous delays of our home completion and there were times that patience stemmed from [name removed]'s ongoing understanding and communication. After months and months of delays causing living coordination changes and spending so much money from the delays, we were out of options at the final call regarding a delay. We ran out of options and [name removed] felt our distress. He pulled it together and made it work coordinating on his end and with us. Given that there are still outstanding items for our home, [name removed] continues to update and coordinate with us in a timely manner. The walk through phase was overwhelming, but our representative was so helpful and patient. She definitely put our thoughts first. Some to the instructions come at you a bit fast, to the fault of nobody, but she did a great job reassuring us that [name removed] will still be there to answer any questions. [name removed] was also very helpful in explaining the warranty and 2 and 11 month closing visits.

Verified Homeowner
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, on May 11, 2022

[name removed], [name removed] ,[name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] made our experience so much easier with the purchase experience. Without them our experience would not have been good. They communicated well and gave feedback on time.

Verified Homeowner
Deland, FL, on May 10, 2022

All went well as planned.

Verified Homeowner
Bradenton, FL, on May 04, 2022

The move in dates on our contract states July/August 2021. We moved in March 31of 2022. 7 months delay!

Verified Homeowner
Port Saint Lucie, FL, on May 02, 2022

The extended delays cost us thousands of dollars. We felt that we could of been in the home at least 6 weeks sooner with simply an I.O.U. punch list. All the chatter from within the neighborhood is so disheartening but oh so true. The subcontractors such as the painters and the cleaners should be fired. They are terrible. The plants and trees in your landscaping package as well as the design with our home leave much to be desired.

Verified Homeowner
Westlake, FL, on Apr 30, 2022

The fact that my salesperson was involved from start to finish1

Verified Homeowner
Bradenton, FL, on Apr 28, 2022

The regular communication from the [name removed] team (like).

Verified Homeowner
Palm City, FL, on Apr 27, 2022

Personal attention - responsiveness - [name removed] and [name removed] got us over the finish line in a GREAT Fashion and made sure our concerns were heard and addressed !!! They made the difference !!!!

Verified Homeowner
Port Saint Lucie, FL, on Apr 25, 2022

Disliked the lack of communication during the first 7 months of the process. Liked that we finally got a responsive Construction Mgr and his Manager.

Verified Homeowner