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Jan 2024 - Jul 2024

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We are New Home Co. We believe a home isn’t new because of when it is built, but how it is built. A home is only as new as the ideas and innovations that live there. We are passionate about delivering on the promise of new with every home we design and build.


Our new homes artfully blend timeless style and innovative design. A modern way of life with more connectivity and sustainability for smarter and healthier ways to live. Inspired design and choice help to personalize each home with curated design packages that offer a flexible range of styles and costs. Our award-winning sales team is here to help every step of the way with more transparency and trust.


We have a new home for everyone, at every stage of life, from suburban communities to urban villages and residences. Every new home is a new beginning for all of us to start the next chapter in our lives. Every new home is a new opportunity to make progress on what it means to be new. We take pride in helping our homebuyers and our industry move forward.

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Beaverton, OT, on Jul 01, 2024

We love our home and the finishes are beautiful, especially compared to other new construction that we viewed. When we first met with the sales office they were communicative and responsive. Unfortunately, once we paid our escrow all communication and the service we had received prior stopped. It even got to the point where I emailed the sales office and never got a response about our move in date. Communication from the sales office was extremely frank and in my opinion unprofessional. Received one word email responses when inquiring about the purchase of a home was very off putting and frustrating. When we showed up to our first walk thru of our home we met [name removed] who we are so appreciative for in this whole process, he has really been the only person in New Home Co. who was responsive in a timely manner, answered our questions, and got things done. Our only other frustration was having to do 4 “final” walk thru’s that required us to take time off work for. We would be assured things would be fixed and when we would show up they just weren’t with really no answer as to why. Overall we are so happy with our home now, but the process to get here was not great and would have us cautioning friends who wanted to move forward with New Home. We want to make sure it is noted that [name removed] has been great and we are very appreciative of his communication and help.

Verified Homeowner
Beaverton, OR, on Jun 18, 2024

6 months delay

Verified Homeowner
Tigard, OR, on May 30, 2024

Professional and friendly service

Verified Homeowner
Tigard, OR, on May 19, 2024

We found a large nail protruding from the carpet in a bedroom. It was fixed promptly but very dangerous.

Verified Homeowner
Tigard, OR, on May 11, 2024

What convinced us to choose a home from New Home Co was the design of the home, which seemed modern, thoughtful, and innovative. We were really excited to purchase our first home that met most of our design criteria. The staff at New Home Co. have been friendly and are continuing to help us resolve issues both within and surrounding our home. With that said, there are many service requests that have yet to be addressed and resolved. Unfortunately, there were some things that New Home Co. deemed cosmetic that they stated could not fix or replace when those issues were no fault of our own (e.g. prominent scratches on our shower doors, large gaps between the baseboard and floors just to name a few). The appliances we received through New Home Co such as our fridge (chips, cracks, and black spots) and stove vent (the fan sounds terrible when it is on) also came with flaws and issues. Our garage door is also dented. Our garage floor has mud stains throughout and New Home Co will do nothing about it besides a power wash which did nothing. All of these issues were no fault of our own and are frustrating as we thought we were purchasing a new home with new appliances through New Home Co. The longer we stay here, we notice too many areas where the construction and finishing were clearly rushed—we have to redo the the majority of the carpeting upstairs due to loud creaks and uneven flooring all throughout the hallways and rooms. Carpet tacks were not tucked in causing my husband to almost hurt himself very badly, and it was not just in an isolated area; The entire second floor has tacks not properly tucked under which we had to have someone come twice to make right but even then not all are tucked under. Conditions like these are hazardous especially as we have a crawling baby. Issues like these could have been avoided had they done it properly with some care the first time. Additionally, the edges of the main level baseboards have been cut sloppily, doors have rough edges and chips, paint splattered on flooring including the vinyl floors, cabinets, carpet, as well as the weather strips on our entry door which are very visible and ugly. If so many of the visible were rushed and overlooked, it makes us question the quality and care of parts of the home that we cannot see. We are embarrassed to have guests over at the moment as these are very visible issues that we still need to take care of. Speaking of that which we cannot see, we are unable to rest assured in our new home as we are worried about standing water alongside our home as well as in the crawl space, and though we were told that the drainage along the side of our home had been addressed, the ground remains damp even after 48 hours of hot weather (yes we have photos with time stamps as evidence). There has not been a time when the bark dust alongside our home has been completely dry. Our neighbors shared they had the same issue, and that they were only able to identify the standing water from their landscaper AFTER removal of the bark dust along their home, so we are worried that the bark dust alongside our home is masking a major issue of standing water that is not being drained properly. The moisture in the crawl space should have also been dealt with professionally by proper drainage and removal of the water. It is not an easily accessible space, so to know that there is water in the crawl space is worrisome. There are too many issues to be resolved until we can confidently enjoy our home as well as recommend New Home Co. to others within our community. Currently, unfortunately, this is not the case, so we look forward to our issues being addressed and resolved properly, and this time with the utmost attention and care.

Verified Homeowner
Tigard, OR, on Apr 21, 2024

Everything was great and amazing but there was a clear shift once we put an offer in on the house. It would've been nice to see the communication and level of paying attention follow through to the end of closing. We also had builders openly tell us to essentially stop asking to fix things because it ruined their timeline for other things-- these things were like a leaking toilet, a dented microwave, and a busted sliding glass door. We were also told that if this was a $4M home, they would be more helpful. This is our first home and it was $600k, not cheap, so we felt a little written off and just yucky about some of those interactions. This was from one of the builders, [name removed] at Axiom in Oregon, which was just unfortunate and probably not what the company wants to embody.

Verified Homeowner
Sherwood, OR, on Mar 24, 2024

We liked how smooth and quick the process was. The people involved in that process made it nice to work with and were very easy going, especially [name removed]. She is amazing! But with it being so quick, there are a lot of things that need a little more attention as far as things within the house.

Verified Homeowner