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Mansfield, TX, on Feb 17, 2023

Like: options of floor plans/design, builder ([name removed]) was the best, [name removed], design studio ([name removed]). Dislike: standard options that come with the home seem inappropriate/basic for home size/price/grandeur (ex] can lighting in master, cook top, single oven etc) and minimal flexibility at design studio. Corporate [name removed]/[name removed] was frankly rude every time we called her from design studio and didn't want to assist with any upgrades. After move in I had to seek the information from the HOA and grand sales office for how to set up services (internet, garbage etc) who service providers were. I initially received incorrect information. I think that transition could have been made much smoother.

Verified Homeowner
Grand Prairie, TX, on Feb 02, 2023

Houses are very beautiful to see but they are very expensive.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Jan 01, 2023

I really appreciate my builder. He kept me in the loop at all times and was very helpful navigating through it all. From updates whenever things needed to be switched, to executing the dream of mine to perfection.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Dec 23, 2022

The wrong color windows was installed. No one ever returns phone calls. [name removed] was very difficult to communicate with, he never returned any phone calls after giving me his number and ensuring he would be the person to oversee my build after the original builder was reassigned to another community. Additionally, there were punch items that were not completed until over a month after closing and the still were not properly completed. Specifically, the mortar on the porch was chipping away from the brick and when someone finally arrived to correct it, it was the wrong color. Paint is chipping in the bathroom and sheet rock has fallen from the ceiling. Water does not drain properly in the master bathroom shower. On a brighter note, [name removed] in the warranty division has been very attentive and the most helpful person in the entire company.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Dec 13, 2022

[name removed] was excellent from beginning to the end of our construction process, the issues started with the finance department, we contacted that department months before the rates were increasing to see what we could do in order to lock our rate with Grand homes, we were met with a brush off answer to the effect of “ oh they aren’t going to raise the rates and if they do it won’t be by much, that attitude made us go with Wells Fargo and we were able to lock our rate four months out, the next nightmare came with the wood floor that was put in, it had adhesive residue and a haze every time we complained they sent a cleaning crew out to mop the floor, it took me approximately two weeks after closing to properly clean and shine that floor, the shower downstairs was not completed at the time of closing and still isn’t completed, we have been waiting on a frameless shower door as of today about 45 days, and the water is pooling in my driveway when it rain and there is a section of gutter missing in the corner of the house near the garage, it is frustrating to pay the amount of money for a grand home, and then drop the ball after closing with these drawn out construction project promises

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Dec 07, 2022

The only thing I like was the design center, other than that everything else was horrible and the worst experience as a first-time home buyer. There were too many inconsistencies, lies, tricks, and poor customer services.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Oct 29, 2022

The quality of the home is not what I expected. There are things falling apart and I’ve had to contact the warranty Department several times. I’m also upset that our builder was let go because he really tried his best to help us with closing on our house even though it was past the date that we agreed on.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Oct 25, 2022

[name removed] was excellent in all aspects (communication, commitment, focus, transparency, emphatic, prudent), an opportunity for improvement would be our sales person dedrick did not demonstrate represent [name removed] [name removed] appropriately. Other than that, we are still soaking the amazing experience.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Oct 11, 2022

I did not like the fact that there was inconsistencies from selling agent to design center to actual builder. I do not feel that the selling agent did a good job of explaining what all of our options were. We felt pressured and rushed and it was obvious that he only wanted to make a commission. Whenever Grand made a mistake, they expected us to make concessions or just deal with it. When we asked for things, it was always too late. We would ask things of [name removed] and should would never get back to us and when she did she was rude and demeaning, The selling agent told us things and the design center told us completely different things. For example, there was supposed to be stone in two places on the front of our house but the design center said that it would only be on one part. We wanted an entrance from the primary bathroom to the laundry room and a sink in the laundry room. That is what we were sold but then we were told there would not be space for a normal sized sink if we had an entrance from the bathroom after the contract was signed. We ordered a 15 ft sliding glass door only to be told later that our fireplace would have to be moved in order to accommodate a 15 ft door. The design center didn't know rocker light switches are standard. Our original builder quit and no one notified us. Our house sat untouched for five weeks. We were hounded to sell our current home once dry wall was placed but had we done that we would have been homeless because of unnecessary delays due to mistakes made by Grand homes. A mistake was made with the framing of the house, they corrected it but didn't get a new permit so when it was time for inspection, of course it did not pass. As a result, we were delayed another several weeks. The painters were awful and the final product still was not up to par. The stairs are a nightmare and the painters could never get the lines even. We have been here about three months and rarely use our stairs. The quality of the stain used was so poor that the stairs already are faded in many area. When we had some painting done after we closed, the contractors all said the quality of the sanding and painting of all of our doors and walls was poorly done. Many of the electrical outlets and light switches are crooked. The wall to the media room is uneven, we discovered this when we had barn doors installed. The toilets don't completely flush. I could go on, but I think you get my drift.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Oct 07, 2022

The ales person was totally unreliable nothing but sweet talks and never follow up on any issue we bring to his attention. We didn’t not receive consistent weekly communications from the original builder assigned to us but this improved later on when [name removed] was assigned. [name removed] was phenomenal

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Oct 05, 2022

I dislike the grand home loan process. ( too hectic and communication gaps) I love the sales person [name removed], all the builders especially [name removed] and [name removed].

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Sep 30, 2022

There needs to be a pre-drywall limited change step in the process where homeowners can add, move, or remove limited items at an additional cost.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Sep 14, 2022

I liked how my sales agent Anita Howard communicated with my family and our needs.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Aug 29, 2022

The build took way too long to start and by time of completion the interest rate was up several points, which cost me dearly. I am a single person with a single income. Grand Homes cost me thousands of dollars in additional interest rate

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Aug 14, 2022

I did not like that builders destroyed my home in the process. Trash was left inside my walls. A lot of last minute work is coming apart.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Aug 07, 2022

I am generally dissatisfied with [name removed] [name removed] all though this long, enervating process. It’s difficult listing all their atrocious activities from Sales to design center to build. They’re all mean and misleading people. I’d completely avoid [name removed] [name removed] in the future.

Verified Homeowner
Grand Prairie, TX, on Aug 02, 2022

There was almost an year delay from the estimated construction date (July of 2021) and instead we moved in June of 2022. I understand there were issues with labor and materials due to COVID, but my friends and coworkers who have signed later than us (including one with Grand Homes from a different community) closed earlier than us. Multiple jobs were incomplete, house was very dirty, and external cleaning still hasn't been done to this date. Communication was nonexistent... It's been a extremely stressful construction process that I would never ever want to go through again.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Jul 09, 2022

It was great experience throughout the process and my wife and I was very comfortable with the grand home team.

Verified Homeowner
Grand Prairie, TX, on Jun 29, 2022

all dislike, upset, stair case not done correctly partial stain, the floating fireplace partial stain, not leave a touch up stain for the owner to DIY, upstair window imperfection, left out lot of pieces not stain on cabinet, bathroom not caulk around the shower faucet, left holes every corner. on the closing date, ask them to come back touchup the tags spot, not done the jobs but destroy the spot, cause more damages.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Jun 20, 2022

Our contractor and building process was GREAT, [name removed] was helpful and excellent. [name removed] and his guys made the building process exciting and not stressful at all. [name removed] was good about responding to our questions and emails. Our biggest obstacle and disappointment was the closing process. The finance department was very unorganized, never had their information correct, and we got moved around to different people weeks leading up to closing. It was very nerve wrecking with [name removed] at closing when she was still asking for documentation that we had turned in several times and she had all our dollar amounts wrong. Spending 800,000 on a new build: numbers are kinda important at closing and an explanation of where money is going. We ended up paying 4,000 extra to grand homes that was half way explained to us at closing and partially for a delay in closing which was builders fault- not ours. We waited 14 months for our house, we had all of our ducks in a row.

Verified Homeowner