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Mansfield, TX, on Aug 07, 2022

I am generally dissatisfied with [name removed] [name removed] all though this long, enervating process. It’s difficult listing all their atrocious activities from Sales to design center to build. They’re all mean and misleading people. I’d completely avoid [name removed] [name removed] in the future.

Verified Homeowner
Grand Prairie, TX, on Aug 02, 2022

There was almost an year delay from the estimated construction date (July of 2021) and instead we moved in June of 2022. I understand there were issues with labor and materials due to COVID, but my friends and coworkers who have signed later than us (including one with Grand Homes from a different community) closed earlier than us. Multiple jobs were incomplete, house was very dirty, and external cleaning still hasn't been done to this date. Communication was nonexistent... It's been a extremely stressful construction process that I would never ever want to go through again.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Jul 09, 2022

It was great experience throughout the process and my wife and I was very comfortable with the grand home team.

Verified Homeowner
Grand Prairie, TX, on Jun 29, 2022

all dislike, upset, stair case not done correctly partial stain, the floating fireplace partial stain, not leave a touch up stain for the owner to DIY, upstair window imperfection, left out lot of pieces not stain on cabinet, bathroom not caulk around the shower faucet, left holes every corner. on the closing date, ask them to come back touchup the tags spot, not done the jobs but destroy the spot, cause more damages.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Jun 20, 2022

Our contractor and building process was GREAT, [name removed] was helpful and excellent. [name removed] and his guys made the building process exciting and not stressful at all. [name removed] was good about responding to our questions and emails. Our biggest obstacle and disappointment was the closing process. The finance department was very unorganized, never had their information correct, and we got moved around to different people weeks leading up to closing. It was very nerve wrecking with [name removed] at closing when she was still asking for documentation that we had turned in several times and she had all our dollar amounts wrong. Spending 800,000 on a new build: numbers are kinda important at closing and an explanation of where money is going. We ended up paying 4,000 extra to grand homes that was half way explained to us at closing and partially for a delay in closing which was builders fault- not ours. We waited 14 months for our house, we had all of our ducks in a row.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Jun 08, 2022

[name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] have been great to work with.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on May 24, 2022

[name removed] and [name removed] provided an excellent customer experience. Both were very attentive to our concerns and provided personalized customer service to ensure we were kept informed and options.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on May 06, 2022

It took Grand Home much longer time to get the house ready.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Apr 22, 2022

Unprofessional and rude personnel throughout the company......

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Apr 14, 2022


Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Apr 14, 2022

From contract the experience was absolutely horrible. I live in a home that was not completed the way that I chose. The first two builders were just horrible with no communication or updates until [name removed] the last builder were assigned to complete my home. [name removed] was absolutely great. He was knowledgeable. Professional and very easy to communicate with. If I had a question that he wasn’t sure about he would find the answers age within hours get back to me. [name removed] gave me updates frequently. The horrible experience that I encountered on the building of this house was before [name removed]. I ordered buff mirror and the house has pink motor just one example and I was told by the builder before [name removed] is that the house wasn’t clean it just needed to be power washed.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Apr 14, 2022

Initially I dislike the way my previous lot was sold to someone else in my presence while filling my form to put my deposit down.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Apr 09, 2022

The entire process.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Apr 08, 2022

Did not like the high builder turnover prior to [name removed] taking over and getting my home on track for completion

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Mar 31, 2022

[name removed] made the purchase experience simple and he was knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Verified Homeowner
Midlothian, TX, on Mar 09, 2022

1. The build took double the amount of time that I was told it would take when I initially went into contract. 2. My water heater does not heat the water past lukewarm, I have submitted a complaint to warranty and they cannot get a plumber who knows how to resolve the issue to help. I have to run my water 5-10 minutes so it warms up enough to shower, now I get to pay a ridiculously high water bill on a new house with a new water heater... 3. My sod was installed incorrectly, it looks like it was installed over weeds without tilling or clearing the weeds off the lot prior to sod install. There are lines of weeds growing on the edges of my sod squares across the whole yard. 4. Several areas around the house need caulk to cover cracks where wood trim pieces join, walls, tile, flooring (I did not complain just so I could move in-sad I had to settle). 5. I wish there had been more selections to choose from for building materials (tile, option to add blinds, cabinet hardware, accent lighting), landscaping options, etc.

Verified Homeowner
Grand Prairie, TX, on Mar 01, 2022

The major issue was communication, poor execution and rush completion at the end . Did not meet our expectations, quite a few poorly constructed things . And to this point none of the Exceptions completed . Could of been way better , communication alone would of help set up the expectations. When promises were made no follow ups when things weren’t completed. The quality of work has quite a few flaws . Starting for none working outlets, missing caulk , scratch mirror , paint spots all over , leaks , just to name a few things. [name removed] has address quite a few things that should of been completed prior.

Verified Homeowner
Grand Prairie, TX, on Feb 03, 2022

499 days later, we closed. Most of the issues/delays were not due to covid as these setbacks start within the company. We experienced a total of 2 salesman and 4 Construction Managers. The high turnover within the company is more than likely the cause of several delays in building. Poor project management skills combined with poor communication has resulted in a poorly built home. Due to poor workmanship, the finished product is subpar at best. Most of the tile upstairs was replaced as the subfloor was not level. It was nearly impossible to get contractors to show up and complete the job(s). Examples include countertops, installation of tile, drywall repair, paint and/or paint touch ups, installation of mirrors, trim etc. We suffered over a 2 month delay due the untimely installation of the frameless shower. As a result of poor workmanship, there are cracks along my stairs and cabinets. I’m positive this is NOT due to the foundation settling. I understand the model homes consist of over $250K in upgrades however it is very misleading to advertise a product and most of those selections are not available within the design center. For example, special tile used from the floor to ceiling on a fireplace, certain cabinet stain(s), lighting fixtures etc. Grand’s standard selections are horrible in the design center. Their standard tile consists of 3 colors (beige, grey and taupe), carpet is one which is brown carpet. Nothing is included. The only recessed lighting included are a handful in the kitchen. Expect all other lighting to be XXXXX lights. Expect all door handles, faucets etc to be the lowest product offered and not what is in the model home. Grand displays modern trim and baseboards in the model home yet makes no mention that’s an upgrade and installs traditional/dated trim. Please note, everything is a costly upgrade at the design center, everything. Other items are also costly before the design center such as elevation and lots. The builder refused to provide a closing date or give 60 a day notice. Misleading information was given around the closing date and then we were rushed to closing. We received a close date 24 hours before we closed. I’m currently working with the warranty department, and they have thus far provided prompt attention to matters and are responsive. My best advice, try your luck with a different builder.

Verified Homeowner
Mansfield, TX, on Jan 25, 2022

Workmanship ie: mediocare painting & quality of kitchen, bathroom cabinets, the way carpet were installled , the seams were not tucked in properly, missing staples in some areas of the house. The outside windows had some glues that were next to impossible to remove. We lost 6 weeks of our precious vacation hours due to closing delays that went on 6x on a weekly basis due to manpower shortage that were not communicated in a timely manner. It took 14 months to build this property. Grand homes does not deserve the name grand.

Verified Homeowner
Grand Prairie, TX, on Jan 04, 2022

From the beginning, my experience has been horrible. My sales person ([name removed]) was the worst. He told me that "Let's be honest, you can't afford this house." I didn't get the options that I would've love to had I got another sales person. After [name removed] left the area, he told me [name removed] was taking over the process. [name removed] was amazing, he kept me informed on the steps of my home until [name removed] took over. . Every time I called [name removed], he had no updates for me. He couIdn't tell me what was going. I got frustrated with him and stopped calling him because I wasn't getting anywhere with him. For me to know anything about the next steps or what was going on with my house, I reverted back to calling [name removed]. Even though he wasn't over my home, he helped me out every time I called even if he didn't have to. I really appreciate and thank him. [name removed] did my pre closing walk through and answered all my questions. At my walk through, I signed an exceptions list. The items that were suppose to be fixed have yet to be done. It has been 2 months and no resolve. My master bedroom mirrors are horrible. I called [name removed] and emailed [name removed] over a month ago. Still no resolve on that issue as well. I have been in this house for 2 months and it doesn't make sense for the items not to be fixed. At this point, I wouldn't recommend my friends and family to Grand Homes.

Verified Homeowner