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For Over 25 Years, View Homes has been crafting quality homes in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

We have been recognized by many organizations for our quality homes, customer experience and dedication to our community. While we are pleased with recognition, we are most proud of the solid foundation and values our company is based on. Our goals go beyond numbers and metrics. We are dedicated to providing the best customer journey and home building experience through compassion, commitment to excellence, honesty and collaboration.

We are committed to building you a place to call home, a place to create memories with family and friends, which will forever be the best view.

View Homes – Building Life’s Greatest View.

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Purchase Experience Testimonials from Real Homebuyers

El Paso, TX, on Sep 18, 2021

I really liked that the [name removed] [name removed] team including the sales parson and mortgage lender were in constant communication with me and made the process easier.

Verified Homeowner
Horizon City, TX, on Aug 28, 2021

[Translated from ES] The treatment and attention they had with us. And the emotion of having our home

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Aug 24, 2021

No comment!

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Aug 15, 2021

Disliked: communication- -weekly updates were inconsistent -notified of wrong floor plan, missing items/upgrades, etc and house was built for another month with wrong items put in place Quality- Some items marked at second walkthrough stickers were removed and not fixed -door would not shut, windows wouldn’t open etc That should have been checked -workers got silicone on carpet because they were doing work and not being careful -items fixed after move in however paint, caulk, removed plaster was not cleaned up after repairs -leaking window still not fixed even with rain had to put duct tape over exterior to prevent leaking, came to fix and still waiting because they are doing another job - dead plants that have never been replaced that were supposed to be done after signing as it was brought up on red tape walkthrough. Positives - very beautiful home - concerns during framing were addressed, materials and spacing as well as wood used was sprayed to to milder concerns - when updates were given they were informative and gave insight on what was going on with build process or questions - some items such as paint or damage to walls has been completed but over multiple appts - contractor for blinds did quick and quality work - design center was helpful with samples of items used in other houses etc to help make decisions during color selection - with certain issues with the house toy was informative and helped with issues on the house

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Aug 11, 2021

The wall dry walls are really thin and easy to chip

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Aug 06, 2021

Loved the thorough communication.

Verified Homeowner
Horizon City, TX, on Aug 05, 2021

Minor details that needed to be fix, but where done with in the week.

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Aug 04, 2021

The communication between my family and the builders. I feel as though it could have been better, along with weekly updates that we were told we would get. The lack of communication led to several things being over looked and having to be excluded so we could close on the correct date.

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Aug 04, 2021

Well first, they didn’t let us choose colors in the house, even though the house was still in the early stages, you guys suck for that. Didn’t let us choose them and to top it off took weeks for them to show us the colors THEY chose. It felt like I was blindly buying a house because I didn’t know how it was gonna look at the end, they didn’t show us any images or 3D floor plans, we had to constantly be calling them to ask for them, and they just told us “yeah the color it’s gonna be a gray tone, gray backsplash blabla” telling me the colors with their own words and at the end the backsplash wasn’t even grayish, and just told us it was going to be like the model home, (we liked the model home, including the wall texture, so we thought, “ok if they say it’s gonna be like this, we liked that” but when they finally showed them to me, it wasn’t like that at all. Another thing, they just gave me the official name of the colors, like I’m not gonna google all the names and look for images of how that color is, and the wall texture wasn’t like the model home. I wanted to see images! Real proof of how the damn colors that they chose were gonna look in my home or a 3D floorplan so I could have an idea of how my damn house was going to look when finished, after another week went by, they finally sent me what I wanted, the examples/images of the colors/materials being used. I know buying a house is not a walk in the park but this, I know for sure could’ve been different and way less stressful. Now, when signing the contract they told us we were just going to pay the inspection and we were gonna get a refund on that either way, that’s all they told us we were going to pay out of pocket at first, fast forward a month before the house was done we were asked to pay the appraisal, now this coming from the lender, I didn’t want to pay it but they told me it was gonna get refunded at the end so I did, when I signed the house, the lender told me it was not going to be refunded but If I don’t get mad and make a show out of it, bye bye with those $850 that I paid (at the end they gave it back to me because I got mad at them) Now, fast forward Monday, June 28th, the walk through. Went and did it, found a lot of little details that were wrong with the house, normal, things that can get done right away like crooked vents, outlets. But the main thing were the shower tiles, crooked af, I had already mentioned them like 1 or 2 weeks before the walkthrough to fix them so they wouldn’t delay the closing date if I had let them know about it in the walkthrough. They didn’t do shit, ok on the walkthrough I mentioned them again??, done. Tuesday, June 29th my Palo Verde realtor called me saying Desert View wanted to close tomorrow June 30th I was like what? They already finished fixing the tiles from both showers? Unbelievable but hey maybe they already did all of it in 1 Day. Next morning the closing day I went to the house before going to work to see it for myself and unsurprisingly they were still fixing it, and all the other minor cosmetic/crooked stuff was still not fixed. Oh well, went to work thinking maybe they’ll finished by 2pm, 2pm was the time when we were gonna sign the house. The time came and I told them I wasn't going to sign anything until they finished all of it, later that day we moved in and the guy was still working on the tiles, he told me they got him that same day from another house he was working and told him to fix that, THEY already knew weeks ago about the tile! And they waited until the closing day to LUCKILY get a guy to fix it? SMH. Now I know for sure they didn’t fix all the things or any that my inspector I hired pointed out in the inspection report of the house. Back to the signing of the house at the title office, I was signing my first home and wasn’t happy at all, I was pissed, stressed, not having a nice purchasing experience at all! If they had let us choose the colors of the cabinets/house well at least we had that and would’ve been more pleasant BUT NO! And you have to be sure that everything you saw wrong on the walkthrough is noted by the person doing the walkthrough don’t trust them cuz they didn’t wrote a lot of things and since I signed, Now what did I like? Well, the backyard is big, but who builds the rock wall that low!!? You cheap just trying to save all the money you can! Well I think that’s all, and I still maybe forgot a few things, but I’ll be copying and posting this on your google reviews. A few weeks ago, 2 LED’s from my kitchen were dimmed and don’t give bright light since a storm, at night it’s not really illuminated because of that, I submitted it to the warranty department and gave me an appointment 2 weeks! After, I’m not saying fix it the next day I know there’s other people and other spots. so I have to wait 2 weeks for the lights to get fixed, fine, I called again and told them they were LED not light bulbs, I clearly told [name removed] for the electrician or whoever was gonna come and fix it to be ready with the LED replacement, because I didn’t want to wait till they give me another appointment with the kitchen lights dimmed like that. I said it is darker I never said I’m in complete darkness [name removed] cuz if that would’ve been the case I think of all you know better that that would be an emergency and I would’ve had you guys fixed that in the next day not wait 2 weeks! He told me by phone the guy was gonna be ready to fix it, Fast forward today July 30th, [name removed] went to my house to just told me there’s protocols to follow and there gonna have to schedule another appointment to fix the LED kitchen lights. I know buying a house it’s not a easy process, but would I recommend Desert View? No, one thing is they all were nice, [name removed], [name removed], [name removed], and even [name removed] even though I got mad at him for telling me they were coming ready to fix the lights and at the end telling me I need another appt, but overall I wouldn’t recommend DVH in general.

Verified Homeowner
Horizon City, TX, on Jul 11, 2021

It was a first time buying so I didn’t know what to expect but was very happy overall.

Verified Homeowner
Horizon City, TX, on Jul 07, 2021

[Translated from ES] Delivery was fast

Verified Homeowner
Horizon City, TX, on Jun 28, 2021

Being a first time home buyer everything was new and I didn’t know what to expect. [name removed] did a good job with providing information and answering any questions.

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Jun 27, 2021

[name removed]. Amazing representative though out the whole process. To even include after closing and moving in.

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Jun 26, 2021

Everything was great, the only negative point would be that it got delayed a couple of months.

Verified Homeowner
El Paso, TX, on Jun 24, 2021

I respected the transparency everyone provide throughout my experience. From Desert View to the lender. Desert View came through on their commitment to complete my home within the time they said. They prioritized the completion of my home. I have also been very pleased with the staff and their timely commitment to complete the minor repairs and follow up with me. Desert View's staff was very friendly, experienced, and helped make my home buying experience pleasurable. Additionally, my mortgage advisor at Change Lending was also very helpful and transparent and her guidance was monumental for me to be able to obtain this home. Overall, my home buying experience was very good. I would definitely recommend Desert View to my family and friends.

Verified Homeowner