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Irvine, CA, on Jan 18, 2022

irvine pacific keep following up my new home status. After inspection , we found some minor defects. But they send people to fix soon.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Jan 16, 2022

I like the constant updates about the status of my home as it's being constructed. I also like how I am able to ask any questions about any aspect of my home at any time.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Jan 14, 2022

Everything was great. The only thing is there were supplier issues that caused delay in appliance delivery.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Jan 13, 2022

[name removed] was a delight to work with. Despite a few delays, we are very happy with the house. There are a few minor issues that [name removed] is taking care of, but overall very happy

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Jan 11, 2022

Thru the building process, we found building contractors were very careless about things in the house: 1) Doors and door casings got damage and dent. We understand they would fix them at the end but we paid for a brand new home not a fixer. I wish everyone would just be careful a little bit then those damages would not happen and could save cost for the builder as well. 2) Cabinets, they were delivered without any protection and left right in the middle of the house, we found several scratches, cracks and paint finish issues. Up to now, there are still a lot of problems with the paint finish on several cabinet doors. 3) Upgrade option issues, showers and bathtubs, the master shower wall had to be demolished and redone due to the wrong tile layout, the shower floor was not done properly, marbles were lipped and sharp corners that could cut your feet. The bathroom downstairs, the grouts on the shower wall are not even, some wider than others. The thing was we were the people who found those issues and pointed out to the builder, why would not IP have someone to check before third party contractors finished and delivered their jobs.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Jan 11, 2022

Everyone at Irvine Company has been great to me.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Jan 07, 2022

Delayed experienced of the move-in date. Some mistakes made and taking a bit of time to resolve. Still some are not resolved

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With exceptional standards for exquisitely crafted new luxury homes, breathtaking open spaces, masterfully planned communities and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Irvine Pacific helps you purchase more than just a house, we help you invest in a better way of living.

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