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Irvine, CA, on Sep 07, 2022

Thank you for making my wife's dream coming true. We can't ask for more.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Sep 06, 2022

Like the people at the front office - dislikes all the delays

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Sep 01, 2022

1. I had late delivery of the house over a month and my mortgage loan rate went up for 2% 2. I was told the construction where next to my house will be done a month later after me, however, I was waked up every single in the past month include weekend and will still gonna happen for couple months. 3. After we move in, we captured three mic in the room and one in the back yard. I did home check with pet control company and I was told the mic may already exist in the house before I move-in.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Aug 31, 2022

Liked the overall quality and closing only delayed 1 time Disliked the - not being allowed to select stage 1 and stage 2 options - miscoordination with motorized blind wiring caused 5 week delay - gate lock installed incorrectly not being able to lock - bathroom tiles installed with wide grout lines

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Aug 30, 2022

We liked the whole experience, except that We were not happy that the price of the house shot up by more than $300 K between Nov 2021 and March 2022. We were offered a location in Nov 2021 for 1.25M. We did not take it as it was a little close to the road, and wanted to wait for the next phase. Finally, when we got it, it was a very big jump in price for us and we ended up paying close to $1.6M. The move in was very professionally done and was very smooth. House is well done. Thank you.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Aug 30, 2022


Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Aug 27, 2022

Upgrades made at home are not meeting my expectations. Window shades installation was not the quality I expect from [name removed] pacific. Bathroom tiles has minor hairline cracks like look.

Verified Homeowner

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With exceptional standards for exquisitely crafted new luxury homes, breathtaking open spaces, masterfully planned communities and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Irvine Pacific helps you purchase more than just a house, we help you invest in a better way of living.

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