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Irvine, CA, on Feb 23, 2021

The IP Design Center treatment and the substandard flooring budget. Also no ability to do upgrades or builtins prior to closing,

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Feb 22, 2021

[Translated from ZH-S] I have a problem with my refrigerator

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Feb 20, 2021

[name removed] is so helpful

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Feb 19, 2021

How were we not given some options that are included in the newer homes? The home quality overall is horrible.. compared to other builders in Portola springs. No one is willing to address our options concern. If some homes have an standard option, then all of them should have it regardless of the phase.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Feb 17, 2021

Purchase experience is great. [name removed] is very experienced and fast action salesperson. She is always there when we have issues during the purchase. We certainly have 10 of 10 satisfaction of her professionals.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Feb 12, 2021

Yes, I like them. They are very professional.

Verified Homeowner
Irvine, CA, on Feb 11, 2021

Even though it’s a new house, I’ve seen there are many cracks, scratches, paint peel off, noise on floor, etc. But, customer care is awesome!

Verified Homeowner

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With exceptional standards for exquisitely crafted new luxury homes, breathtaking open spaces, masterfully planned communities and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Irvine Pacific helps you purchase more than just a house, we help you invest in a better way of living.

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