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Fairview, TN, on Nov 23, 2020

[name removed] was awesome to work with as well as [name removed] at the model, the ladies at the design center. [name removed] is obviously the biggest reason we are happy since he really cares about the customer and it shows and we had regular interaction with him. Our only complaint is still not having working ovens, seems very odd to everyone honestly (which is not good advertising for [name removed]). When you move into a new home those things should be working from day 1. We are not able to host Thanksgiving which is ridiculous and we are doubtful that this will be resolved before Christmas. Thank goodness we have a grill and enjoy using it but to have no compensation for this is crazy to me. That is honestly the only negative. We love our home and definitely would recommend [name removed] to others!

Verified Homeowner
Franklin, TN, on Nov 22, 2020

Contract was smooth. Had a builder change half way through our build and a few things we wanted could not be followed through with. The house is solid and constructed well, just very poor interior finishing. Corners are not even, grout is terrible, paint is not finished, house was not cleaned up well prior to move in. Project manager was very poor with communication which lead to many items having to be re done. Walk through was awful, had to point out many obvious issues which had the builder taken a an hour of his time to mark them, we wouldn’t have to go thorough the painstaking process of pointing out obvious concerns. Many are still not fixed...Moved in 1 month ago and there are still items we are awaiting follow up on and have not heard from the builder since. Very unprofessional.

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Nov 20, 2020

Our builder, [name removed], has been very cooperative and helpful. We recently submitted our 90 day warranty request but it has not been addressed yet. Hence, we can't comment on that aspect.

Verified Homeowner
Nashville, TN, on Nov 20, 2020

Have not used it as of yet

Verified Homeowner
College Grove, TN, on Nov 19, 2020

I love [name removed], he is so kind, knowledgeable and quick.

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Nov 18, 2020

I liked how easy the whole process was. There was really nothing for me to worry about other than securing my own financing, and making choices about the home.

Verified Homeowner
Smyrna, TN, on Nov 18, 2020

I like everything

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Nov 17, 2020

I was told by several people I know that having a house built was very stressful. From my first appointment with [name removed] to working with [name removed] ([name removed] Project Manager) they made this process very simple. I was given an estimated date to close when I made my down payment on my lot and that was the date I closed. Even with all the delays from the supply chain dates were met. What did I like • From [name removed] to the design studio to Brain everyone was knowledgeable, friendly, always returned my calls on questions I had. • The Friday calls from Brain was very helpful. Each Friday Brain would tell me what was that week and what would be done the next week. Every week that [name removed] would tell me what would be done the next week it was done. • When I would call [name removed] about a question I always received a call from Brain within 24 hours. I called multiple times during the process and receive a call each time. During the height of having issues with supply chains Brain told at one point he couldn’t guarantee me a closing date. He didn’t give me a date to tell me what I wanted to hear he was honest that meant a lot to me. • The quality of the house exceeded my expectations. All items that I requested be completed they were all done before I moved in. Those are a few examples that made my experience great. It was nice watching my home being built. I would HIGHLY recommend [name removed] to build your home

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Nov 14, 2020

PROS: Good communication with sales team ([name removed]), transparency, friendliness, time frame / turnaround time was as expected, no real delays. CONS: Was very vocal about wanting as few steps as possible off back deck for our elderly blind dog, but the lot we have still has 7 steps for him to go down which is a bummer & very hard on him/us to have to carry him. Fireplace mantle was painted wrong color, no dog cubby under stairs as per our plan, things like that — while not intentional, it does seem like some things were promised that were not executed.

Verified Homeowner
Franklin, TN, on Nov 13, 2020

Warranty department is very unresponsive. Won't get any answer for questions or issues. It is the reason for overall dissatisfaction.

Verified Homeowner
Nolensville, TN, on Nov 11, 2020

We were told numerous options were going to be in our house based on a sheet provided by selling agent to only be told after the fact they weren't. BAIT and SWITCH

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Nov 10, 2020

The sales experience was originally fantastic! The experience from blue print on to home completion was a challenge and not pleasant.

Verified Homeowner
Nolensville, TN, on Nov 10, 2020

There were issues regarding changes and [name removed] worked with us to resolve them to our satisfaction. Very unhappy with appearance of detention pond ( trash was supposed to be removed-not yet. Pile of stones rip rapping near inflow to pond looks like crap and [name removed] said she would look at budget to see if she might cover ugly site with plantings. One electric outlet needs repair/replace. Placement of additional electric outlets needed.Some One Light switch placement illogical. Garage smaller than we would have liked

Verified Homeowner
Nolensville, TN, on Nov 09, 2020

Liked home but dislike sloppiness evident in finish on many areas.

Verified Homeowner
Spring Hill, TN, on Nov 09, 2020

My wife and I never got a house built before so the process was completely new to us. Working with the [name removed] company team was amazing from the first person we spoke to ([name removed]) at [name removed] [name removed] in Springhill Tn to the builder supervisor [name removed] it was unexceptional service and communication from beginning to end. Any concerns we had we addressed and they were talked about and taken care of in a quickly manor. We will always be a [name removed] company customers for life. We will sell and build another home in the near future. Keep up the great work 5 STARS

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Nov 08, 2020

I did not enjoy my experience at all at the design center. The employees were rude and not accommodating at all. I would need a lot more space to talk about that upsetting experience. On the bright side, I did like and/or recommend the builder [name removed]. Very knowledgeable about my house and delivered what he said

Verified Homeowner
Nashville, TN, on Nov 07, 2020

[name removed] was great at giving us updates. We had lots of choices in the design process.

Verified Homeowner
Franklin, TN, on Nov 07, 2020

[name removed] warranty service is frustratingly slow. There are a number of issues that we have with the house that we are having to live with until the process is complete.

Verified Homeowner
Spring Hill, TN, on Nov 06, 2020

Very honest about everything and kept us informed on the progress ??

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Nov 06, 2020

We absolutely love our home. The [name removed] Company provided many different floor plan Options in our price range and the quality of the construction is great. We were given a weekly construction updates even before we broke ground. This continued all throughout the build and our builder contact ([name removed]) was awesome and always available if we had questions. He has even checked in with us after the close of the home to see if we have been satisfied. In addition - [name removed] in the Sales office was great at providing updates and feedback. If something needed to be addressed on the home it was handled swiftly and with open communication. We couldn’t ask for better customer care. Thank you!

Verified Homeowner

Builder Profile

Building homes since 1927 The Jones Company story began in 1927 with the founder of The Jones Company, John E. Jones. In 1961 John’s son, Bob, purchased The Jones Company from his father. Bob Jones and his partner, Howard Chilcutt, led The Jones Company to much success, growing the company and building homes for over 15,000 families.

In 2003 Centex purchased The Jones Company’s St. Louis division from Bob and Howard. Then, in 2005 Howard founded Consort Homes in St. Louis. Ken Stricker, who was former President of The Jones Company in St. Louis, now serves as President of Consort Homes in St. Louis, and The Jones Company of Tennessee in Nashville, today. Today, The Jones Company of Tennessee is still owned by the Chilcutt and Jones families.

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