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Mt. Juliet, TN, on Oct 13, 2021

Through the construction process we had 3 different project managers which made it hard to keep up with the notes that were made to previous project manager. [name removed] was by far the best. I feel like all the trades (there were many mistakes, can’t really point at one trade) did subpar work and had to consistently check on things to make sure they were correct.

Verified Homeowner
Smyrna, TN, on Oct 13, 2021

The warranty process has been a nightmare. Siding fell off my house. Toilets came loose. So many things in my house fell into disrepair and they simply DO NOT CARE.

Verified Homeowner
Smyrna, TN, on Oct 12, 2021

My backyard is a mess.

Verified Homeowner
Hendersonville, TN, on Oct 09, 2021

We loved every step of the process! We purchased a quick build and [name removed] and [name removed] made the process SO easy.

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Oct 08, 2021

There is a couple of squeaks in the floor

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Oct 05, 2021

Our builder, [name removed], was fantastic to work with the entire time

Verified Homeowner
Hendersonville, TN, on Oct 01, 2021

We had a great experience through the whole process. [name removed] and [name removed] have been great.

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Oct 01, 2021

Had reported items noted day after walk through not addressed. Crack in Granite on master ..already inspected by Granite comp but no FU Half dead plants not replaced in front New item. Crack in concrete near garage on side Once we closed no FU..

Verified Homeowner
Nolensville, TN, on Oct 01, 2021

I have not had major needs, but early on when I did [name removed] was very responsive.

Verified Homeowner
Mt. Juliet, TN, on Oct 01, 2021

The constant changes with the Project manager for the site made our family uneasy and added a layer of concern in the continuity of our homes development. Additionally, there a few delays that caused us to feel like we were moving into a home that wasn't 100% turnkey ready.

Verified Homeowner

Builder Profile

Building homes since 1927 The Jones Company story began in 1927 with the founder of The Jones Company, John E. Jones. In 1961 John’s son, Bob, purchased The Jones Company from his father. Bob Jones and his partner, Howard Chilcutt, led The Jones Company to much success, growing the company and building homes for over 15,000 families.

In 2003 Centex purchased The Jones Company’s St. Louis division from Bob and Howard. Then, in 2005 Howard founded Consort Homes in St. Louis. Ken Stricker, who was former President of The Jones Company in St. Louis, now serves as President of Consort Homes in St. Louis, and The Jones Company of Tennessee in Nashville, today. Today, The Jones Company of Tennessee is still owned by the Chilcutt and Jones families.

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